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Name help

My husband and I have narrowed it down to two and can't decide.

Molly or Emily

Please, all opinions are welcome! Smile

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Far more sophisticated than Molly.

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I have a hard time picturing a doctor or CEO named Molly.

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Both Molly and Emily are on my top.. Smile

I don't know which I prefer with that said-- but I think it would depend on a middle name and or your last name ! Good luck!

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I like Emily best, but I agree that it would depend on her middle and last names.

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I vote for Emily

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Molly gets my vote! Smile

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Molly way less common then Emily!

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I really like both. I'd probably say Emily barely edges out Molly though, because it gives way to adorable nicknames of Emi and Millie.

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Molly is cute for a young girl but Emily sounds like more of an adult name. I like Emily better Smile

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