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Name help

DF and I can't decide on a name and I'm 38 weeks. I posted this a while back on my bb but figured i'd get some more opinions here.

Dylan -both love it but its really popular
Alistair (we can't agree on how this one is pronounced he says Al-eh-ster (i dont like this) i say Al-eh-Stair (I do like this one)
Trystan - i love it, df is ok with it
Bryce - both like it not a fav
Quinn - both like but not a fave
Cameron - both like
Daryn- df likes alot I don't

Unrelated My mom suggested Adrian to me a while ago but i never mentioned it to DF because I didn't think he'd like it and it seemed a bit close to DD name (ariana). what do you guys think? are they too similar?

We're also trying to add middle names in with this.. we were thinking Dylan Alistair but his last name starts with *N* and is one syllable. so initials would be DAN (DF's name is Daniel/Dan so he said no way).

Some combos that I like but we're not set on these names for the middle name.. we're more concerned with finding a first name:
Adrian Rhys
Adrian Alistair
Trystan Rhys
Dylan Bryce
Dylan Rhys

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Honest Opinions:
Dylan -I LOVE this name but my silly sister used it on one of her kids:). It is pretty popular right now though
Adrian- I do think it's too similar to Ariana
Alistair - Will make me think of Harry Potter every time.
Trystan - the sound "trist" means "sad" in romantic languages, so I've never been a fan of this name.
Rhys - I like! Original but not unheard of.
Bryce - Like, don't love
Quinn - I really like
Cameron - might just be in my friend group, but seems really popular these days
Daryn- don't like, but it isn't the name's fault. I had an unfortunate romantic experience with a Daryn once;)

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Dylan- like this one
Adrian- ive never been a fan of having my kids having similar names.. so i wouldnt use this with Ariana personally
Alistair -id pronounce this the same as your DH... its not my favourite tho
Trystan - i love this name... but it looks made up with the "y" in it.. Tristan or Tristen look better to me
Rhys- very nice
Bryce - was on my list of names but didnt work with our last name
Quinn - LOVE this name...
Cameron - really like.. do you care if there are girls with this name too? because its becoming more and more popular for girls
Daryn- at first glance it seems feminine to me.. im not sure why. i think its the spelling.

my favourite of the pairings is Trystan Rhys. i also like Quinn Adrian, Dylan Bryce, and Quinn Rhys.. good luck choosing!

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Lurker~ You said you love Dylan, but think it's too popular, have you considered Dallin?? I have always loved the name and it's not super popular and sounds a lot like Dylan. Hope you find a great name that you love Smile

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Dylan -I like this name but I agree it's very popular theses days
Adrian- I know more girls with this name then boys so I have a hard time seeing it for a boys name. And I think it's very similar to your daughters name
Alistair- LOVE it... But like Jooniper said... I will think of Harry Potter every time.
Trystan - I like this one alot but it's very popular among babies right now
Bryce - LOVE IT
Quinn - I prefer the longer form of Quinnton
Cameron - Like it
Daryn- I like this name

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Dylan -like it but pretty popular....can also spell it Dillon
Adrian- really similar to your DD's name.....not a fan of it for a boy
Alistair- not sure how I feel on this one....
Trystan - my DH tells me he was almost named this...but the meaning is...Child of Sorrow. Sad So for that reason, it wouldn't be on my list
Rhys- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this's on our boy list
Bryce - LOVE this one too....
Quinn - I'm neutral on this one
Cameron - Like it but for a girl....Kamryn is on my girl list right now
Daryn- like it....can also spell it Darren

GL....I'm moments away from popping out this kid and we still aren't set on a name...