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    Default name opinions

    I hate coming up with baby names! Way too much stress involved. I'm looking for some input on names. DH has been set on the name Phoenix since before we met. I didn't like it when we first met and I've grown to being indifferent to the name. Anyway with DD1 we mutually agreed on Avalon (although at the last minute he had the option of choosing Phoenix).

    So now that this baby is a girl, he's back to Phoenix. We both like the name Rayne but it doesn't go with the middle name that we had decided on which is Ried (pronounced reed, a shortened version on my maiden name). So now he is suggesting Phoenix Rayne. I just really don't want to use the middle name as the name we call her because I think that can be frustrating when they get older. But I don't like the way Rayne Phoenix flows.

    So I'm looking for some opinions and/or suggestions.

    Phoenix Rayne (everyone but DH would be calling her Rayne)
    Rayne Phoenix

    (BTW - My first choice is Winter Ried, but he doesn't really care for that.)

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    To me Phoenix is a boy's name. With that said though, DH's name is Matthew Gideon but he has always gone by Gideon. His mother knew she was going to call him Gideon, but she thought Matthew Gideon sounded better than Gideon Matthew.

    If you are fine with Phoenix Rayne and calling her Rayne I say go with it. She will have to tell teachers, kids what she prefers to be called, but DH has never really had a problem with it.
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    Phoenix Reid
    Phoenix Rayne
    would be my choices...
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    I do think Phoenix Rayne flows better than Rayne Phoenix. My nephew is Jason Cole, his father is Jason, and he has almost always gone by Cole, I don't think it has been a huge deal. For a few years in junior high he did decide to go by Jason, but he has since gone back to Cole.
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    I think I'd go with Rayne Pheonix if you plan on calling her Rayne. But that's just me. I think as she gets older, taking standardized tests, going into the workforce, etc., always having to remember to use her "real" name as opposed to what she's called would get slightly confusing. But I have no experience with it, so I could be wrong.
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    I also think it would be too confusing to name a child one thing but call them something else.

    I would stick with Rayne Phoenix
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    I think choosing the first name you prefer is far more important than the overall flow of the name. Obviously, both would be the goal, but if I had to pick between a first name I loved or a name combo that I loved the flow of, I'd definitely pick the better first name. Middle names are really not used much at all after birth announcements.

    I'm not a fan of Phoenix or Rayne, so I can't help you there.

    What about Renee? Similar vein to Rayne but a little less trendy and more timeless?

    Or what about Phoebe? Not my favorite, but definitely more classic than Phoenix.
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    If mine was a girl she would have been Raine.

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    Love the name Winter!

    DS#4 goes by his middle name, Rourke. Mostly because I thought it flowed better as William Rourke rather than Rourke William. If this baby is another boy, he will have the same thing. I don't find it too difficult, most places have him on record as Rourke and schools always ask about nicknames or preferred names.

    Anyway, back to your dilemma...

    I like Rayne Phoenix better because otherwise it sounds like weather in a city...Phoenix Rayne. I quite like Phoenix Reid, too. Though Winter would have my first vote if it was on the table.
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    My DH is J Michael and has always been called Michael and yes his first name is just the initial J not Jay. He has never had issues with it. Only time I see issues is when we go somewhere and they call him by J in a waiting room for example he has no clue they are talking to him until I tell him lol
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