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Thread: Naming after a character?

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    I am a HUGE HP fan... I love Fluer, and Luna but I don't think DH would let me get away with that. As for Severus...I'm not sure how that would be received...

    DS#4 is named after a book character.
    Any Rand's The Fountainhead is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! I am in LOVE with Howard Roark. Just in love. We named DS#4 William Rourke and he goes by Rourke. I wanted to spell it the way the book does but DH misspelled it to the inlaws and it has just stuck so I went with it.
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    If you like it go for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turtnjay View Post
    As for Severus...I'm not sure how that would be received...
    This was my thinking. Normally, I see nothing wrong with naming your baby after a beloved character... but there are exceptions to every rule.

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    I'm sorry, I REALLY don't like the name Severus. I get why you like it, but....

    How do you pronounce Dovahkiin?
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    Our sons are named after characters of sorts... Orion and Griffin.

    DH wants to name a boy Sirius. I told him if we name him Sirius Lee I would go for it.. HAHA. Anyway...

    Although I am not sure how people would respond to a name like Severus, I can tell you people think we are weird for naming our kids Orion and Griffin, so to hell with 'em!
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    My sister named her three boys after characters popular at the time they were born. She has:
    Dylan (90210, born in 1991)
    Cole (Cole Trickle from Days of Thunder-1993)
    Gabe (Sly Stallone's character in Cliffhanger? 1995)
    Their names definitely fit each one.

    My ds is named after a character in a son, Old Man Tucker (or Old Dan Tucker is the correct name, we sing it wrong lol). Dh grew up singing the song, we joked about naming ds that, and decided we both liked it.

    Severus... its an okay name, but he is so greasy looking to me, I don't know if I could do it. lol (and I really really like Alan Rickman lol)
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    I am a huge HP fan also... However, I don't think it would be in the best interest of your child if they were named Severus. I mean, the name and character Severus Snape would ALWAYS follow them - At school, on the playground, in college, in the business world....

    I think just as you were annoyed at having a "plain" name, your child Severus would be just as annoyed his name because of the association with HP. Unfortunately, pop culture can completely alter great names and make them unusable because of associations made with those names. Just something to think about....

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    Yes, I named my younger son Maximus, after Russell Crowe in "The Gladiator." I always thought that was such a strong manly name, so of course I had to follow that with Alexander for his middle name lol! I'm very big on the meanings of names as well, and Maximus Alexander means "the greatest defender of mankind," can't beat that! My older son's name is Reagan (meaning- "little king"), after my fav president, and my baby girl's name is Liberty, which means "freedom," of course. I'm so lost with a name for the new baby, no matter if it's a boy or a girl! I'm a huge Twilight fan, but Bella is like the most popular girls name out there now, and hubby hates it! But I love it so much! I was thinking maybe Lincoln for a boy... as you can see I like unique names as well!
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    We did for my second DD. We knew we were going to name her Kamryn. I was at loss of a middle name for her. I was pregnant with her when the Twilight second movie came out two months before her birth. I tried every middle name, but nothing sounded great. They mentioned Bella's name Isabella, and it sounded perfect. Thus how my second DD got the name Kamryn Isabella.
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    Believe it or not, eventually the Harry Potter phenomenon will ware off and the kids will be into something else... If you like it, go for it!

    and think about it, the author got the name from somewhere....

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