Naming After Relatives

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Naming After Relatives

If DH and I have a boy, one name we were thinking was Thomas Edward, after both of our dads. I'm still not 100% sold on the name, although that's practically the only name DH will consider. Blum 3

I guess I want to know what you all think about naming after relatives? BTW, both dads are still alive (thankfully!).

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I think that sounds like a great name.
As for us naming after relatives is out.
FIL is Thomas, MIL is Anne
my nieces and nephews are:
Molly Anne
Duncan Thomas
Harley Anne
Skylar Thomas
see a pattern here?
Another niece is named after an aunt that passed away.
then theres the twins and I can't remember their middle names right now but I know they were family names too.

So Peyton Beth is named after no one and #2 will have its own original names.

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We won't be naming after family. DH's side is WAY too whatever for that-- I would never hear the end of it unless we named our kids after them and I just don't care to do that. Thankfully, my parents aren't super into it. DS got DH's middle name as his middle name, so that's about as far as we'd go haha Smile

If it's something that you and DH both agree on then I'd say go for it, why not Smile I think it's a great way to honor family.

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Personally, I think it is great to honour family members.

My niece is Aimee Laura, after my sister Laura who passed away.
My DD is Leia Ellie, after my niece Ellie that passed.

If I ever have a son, I plan on giving him the second name William or Jude. My g'dad was William and by Nan's nickname was Judy.


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How funny! If we have another boy, I want to name him Thomas Edward! I love it so much. DH prefers other middle names, but I know (ha!) he'll see my way of thinking by the time the baby is born Biggrin

As for naming after family, it's not something I like to do. I think each child deserves there own unique name. But that's just me.