need a middle name..

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need a middle name..

to go with Charlee for a girl Smile wich i could do Marie, but it just doesnt sound right. DH likes Jordan, but his BFF's name is Charles Jordan and i cannot live with people asking me if it is DH's BFF's baby..... we all went to highschool together and people are more inclined to create drama here than assume it is a tribute to the man.

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I like the sound of Charlee Rose.

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Charlee Marie is cute IMO.

Charlee Rose is also nice.


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Charlee Josephine Smile DH's middle name is Joseph and he shot down Josephine sooooo many times i cant count. if he shoots it down again we'll try Josie-Marie. Charlee Josie-Marie. FINALLY! MWA HA HA!

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my friends daughters name is Charlee Alexa and i have a friend who is pregnant naming her daughter Charleigh Joanne.

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FWIW, I like Charlee Marie Smile

IMO, if you're going to go with a more masculine/gender neutral first name, a simple, classic feminine middle is the way to go Smile

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thats what i was thinking, charlee is confusing enough, don't add a neutral jordan to that! unless Dh comes up with a better idea i might stick with Charlee Marie (which DOES NOT match sister EllissaMay Joscelyn in leve of complication or sylables)

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Jenni, I LOVE the names you've picked. I was going to name the twins Charlie and Frankie if they were going to be boys or girls... or both. lol If Charlie was going to be a girl I was going to call her Char.

I like Marie for the middle name btw! I can't believe how far along you are now!!! It's so close!

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sometimes i can't believe it either Mandy, then i get kicked in the ribs.