Need middle name ideas

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Need middle name ideas

Our current front-running girl name is Elanor (we thought of it years ago as a way to pay secret hopefully-not-too-obviously-nerdy homage to Lord of the Rings- it's the name Samwise Gamgee gave to his daughter, after a flower in Lothlorien). My husband is pretty set on the name, though Lillian and Charlotte and both in the running as well (we won't decide until we meet her).
Anyways, I'm stumped for middle names. Most of my favorites share too many sounds with the name Elanor- Elyse and Lynn, which are both family names, wouldn't work, I don't think.

I like the name Elanor Rose, but it sounds so familiar... then I realize I'm thinking of Eleanor Roosevelt. Does it make you think that at all?

Grace is too common right now, I think, but I like it. I like Joy, too, since she's due near christmas (though more likely to come near thanksgiving).

Last name is monosyllabic, starts with K. Any other ideas or opinions?

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I think Elanor Rose is pretty and I didn't automaticly think 'roosevelt'.
Some other suggestions:

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i like elanor rose

some other ideas would be:

noelle (near christmas!)

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I love the name Elanor Rose! It's clever because it's the name of a flower in Lothlorien and then Rose is also a name inspired by a flower...

And if anyone happens to think of Eleanor Roosevelt, oh well. She's one of the most respected women of the 20th century. Besides, any name will probably remind people of someone or something else.