Oliver v Thomas

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Oliver v Thomas

So I'm only 3+6 and am obsessing over names, already. I posted before I got my BFP that we love Thomas for a boy. I prefer Thomas Edward, DH prefers Thomas James.

I got my BFP Christmas Day Biggrin

DH mentioned Oliver to me yesterday. It's not a name I've thought of using before. I really like it! I'm not sure what middle name though. Oliver Edward? Oliver James? Oliver ???

Which do you prefer? I know that both are incredibly popular, Oliver is currently #1 here and Thomas #6 but that doesn't really bother me that much. Oliver would go by Ollie, Thomas would be Thomas as I don't like Tommy and Tom is a bit too grown up for a baby imo

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Thomas Edward!! I love it because that's the EXACT name we chose if our baby's a boy (named after my dad and DH's). Plus it's not as popular here in the States (I think Aiden is #1 which I'm not fond of at all). I think you commented on my thread about the name too. I still like it better than Oliver, but that's a cute name too.

So, I'd have to say stick with Thomas Wink