Opinions for a middle name

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Opinions for a middle name

Hello! I am just curious what others think of these... maybe you can help me narrow our choices down? We have decided on the first name of Austin for our baby boy. The middle name has proven to be the harder part. We started out with a long list and have narrowed it down to these. If you have a really good suggestion, feel free to pass it on! Smile

Austin Reid - I have heard this is a name on a soap opera but I have never watched it.. just like the name!

Austin Thomas - I like classic names and just think it is nice.

Austin Robert - Robert is my FIL and BIL's name

Austin John - Jonathan is my dad's name and my DH's maternal grandpa's name

Austin Cash - I just love the name Cash. DH doesn't like it for a first name, but is ok with it as a middle name. I just think it is very unique and different.

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I like your first 4 choices. Cash seems crass to me though.

Austin Thomas are both nice names but sound similar to ostentatious, not sure if that would bug you or not.

I think my fave is Austin John.

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I like Austin Reid or Austin Robert

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I like Austin Jonathan better than Austin John. I also really like Austin Reid.

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I like Austin Robert.

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Austin Robert, Maybe its because my best Friend named her boy Austin Robert but it just flows to me.