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Our Names

My Husband and i are not telling our families our names so i was wondering if you could let me know what you think of our Choices!

for a boy we have
Keeton Barry Earle...... I know Keeton is Usally spelled Keaton but it was my Grandmothers Maiden name and i just love the name so i'm going to spell it the way she spelled it.... and Barry Earle are both middle names that are passed down and we are not changing those (as much as i would like too!)

For a Girl we have

Devyn Laura..... Laura is after Husbands Gradma and its such a pretty name.

anyway please let me know what you think! Smile

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I think those are both great names!!

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I agree that they are both pretty names. I don't know why I like Keeton so much since I don't usually like last names as first names, and I think it's great that you're keeping the spelling the same even thought it's a little unusual. I think it will work in your favor since its phonetic and not too out there. Would you consider adding a second middle name to Devyn to match the two middle names with the boy name? I think something a little unusual would help the trendy name Devyn flow better with the traditional name Laura.

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I never thought of adding a 2nd middle name to Devyn Laura, I have 2 Children already and they both have one so i never thought of it. they are Dylan Cory and Madison Lee......
What would you suggest to go with Devyn Laura?
and I have the same feelings on the last name and a first name but when i seen Keaton in the baby name book and then thought of my Grandma Keeton i couldnt not use it! Smile very glad that i got some positive feedback on both names, its hard when you dont tell family or friends what your name choices are!

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I love Keeton. One of ours is Keelan, close Wink
I like the spelling of devyn alot. original.

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Both very cute names. I actually really like Devyn Laura, I think it flows very well. Wink