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P names

Looking for cute names (girl and boy) starting with P! Just toying with the idea for now of having both our kids start with P (DD is Peyton)

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I've just been having a look online and I'm sorry to say that I cannot find one 'P' name that I like. They're all reeeeally weird!


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Paxton, Pierce, Preston

Paisley, Paris, Phoebe, Piper

That's about all I can come up with

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Here are some that haven't been mentioned yet; I'll let you decide on whether they are "cute". Some I like and some I don't; but, since it's your baby

Phoenix, Phillip, Paul, Pierre, Perry, Porter, Peter, Parker, Patrick, Presley
Paige, Pamela, Patricia, Paula, Paulina, Penelope, Priscilla, Paisley

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Don't know if they're cute or not but here's some P names Smile

Girl: Phoebe, Pamela, Paige, Phoenix, Paulina, Patricia

Boy: Parker, Phoenix, Philip, Patrick, Pierce, Peter, Preston

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my DS name is Paxton
his cousins name are Piper and peyton (both girls)
and my moms neighbour has a grand-daughter named Paisley...

we like our P names around here

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aww Paisley is really cute!!!! I also like Paige and Don't know if i like many of the boy names...Paxton is cute but too similar to Peyton I think....and I guess I like Parker and Perry a little bit.

Thanks ladies! Got the wheels in my head turning now!

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Reminds me of Desparate Housewives! Lynette's kids are Porter, Preston, Parker & Penny

We go with 'D' names here!

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When I was little I had twin dolls, I named them Michelle and Mitchell. I thought that was so beuatiful Lol nowadays no way! But my siblings used to pick on me and call my twins Peter and Penelope, so now when I think P names Peter and Penelope instatnly come to mind.

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I have always liked the name Philip.

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Parrish & Piper for a girl

Phen, Preston, & Parker for a boy

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I don't think anyone said Phineas for a boy.

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I like Philip as the P isn't obvious...

As for girls:

Peony (like this)

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girls: Priscilla, Penelope, Paige, Patricia, Payson,

boys: Parker, Phineas, Perry, Patrick,

I prefer Parker. You can actually do Parker for a boy or girl and it goes well with Peyton.

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Perry could also go either way.

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presley, petra, penelope, piper, pascal, prudence, paidair (feminine irish peter)

porter, prescott, phinneas