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Popularity concern

So we named out daughter Harper in 2008 and, as most of you probably know, the name is recently showing up everywhere! I honestly had not heard of anyone naming their kids Harper before we did (besides Harper Lee, of course)...

Anyway....if this next one is a boy, I want to try to pick something that's not gonna end up in the headlines Biggrin

What do you think of these names:


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I don't hear Harper that often actually, and its such a cute name. Smile

I always refer to the ssa baby name thing for popularity stuff. Booker is not the top 1000 names at all, and I really like that one. I don't care much for Miller as a first name. Smile Enzo has never made it above the top 400, and is pretty cute too. Milo is not super common either, but it seems like I hear it more lately, and I don't like it as well as Booker or Enzo. Smile Good luck!

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I feel like those names could be up and coming/gaining in popularity. with the exception of Miller, I have heard people talk of naming their kids those names. With Miller, I had 2 friends in HS with that as a MN Smile

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I like them all but Miller is my least favorite. I think I like Milo and Enzo the best.

I also don't hear that many Harper's either, I think it's a lovely name!


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Thanks ladies! Ya, I think I'm just starting to hear the celebrities with Harper (Tiffiani-Amber Theissen, Neil-Patrick Harris, now the Beckhams!) so I'm waiting for that wave! :eek: Hopefully I'm just being neurotic!:rolleyes:

As far as Booker - it was one of my favs until I thought I heard my mom say "booger" when she said it...:confused:

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ooh, yeah, Booger is not good, but Booker is so cute. My ds is Tucker, and well, we did not really think about it rhyming with a swear word until later. Sad Last year he was rhyming things and said the unmentionable word with his name, "I'm Tucker the ____", I was so sad to explain that the word was the worst swear word, and he was sad too. But no one at school etc has called him that yet. Smile (1st grade)

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Milo is the only name on that list I like.

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Booker :not my taste.... (I hear Booger too... sorry....)
Miller :makes me think of beer.
Enzo :no
Milo: my fav of the four.

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[QUOTE=rachelrazzle] My ds is Tucker, and well, we did not really think about it rhyming with a swear word until later. Sad Last year he was rhyming things and said the unmentionable word with his name, "I'm Tucker the ____", QUOTE]

It never occurred to me until reading this.

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I've never heard of Harper before, if it makes you feel any better! I, like you, try and name my children names that you won't hear all over the place (see my siggy). I liked Booker at first, but since it rhymes with the name of a streetwalker you might want to re-think it... only because kids can be pretty creative and mean when it comes to name calling. I really like Milo... very different and cute IMHO!

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Booker--Not my fave. I think of the rhyme for a streetwalker
Miller--I actually like this one a lot. I knew a boy in high school with this as a middle name but it was what he went by
Enzo--Again not my fav. There is a little boy on the Aug 10 BB with this name, so it may be gaining in popularity.
Milo--I loved the movie Milo and Otis as a kid, so Milo will always be a cat's name to me.

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I vote for Miller. I don't see it jumping into prominence any time soon (but I'm no psychic).

Plus Henry Miller/Harper Lee. I love it. Biggrin

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I like Enzo!

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I like Enzo and Milo Smile

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Love Milo!

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Booker- I don't like it
Miller- Also reminds me of beer
Enzo- makes me think of Gonzo
Milo- also makes me think of the cat

Boys names are so hard for me (luckily I only have girls), that if I had a boy I would just have to go with what I like without worry too much about popularity (although I probably wouldn't want it to be in the top 10... out of the top 100 would be even better). I would probably worry more about making sure I pick a masculine name since there are so many girl Tristans, Taylors, Charlie, and I've even heard Parker for a girl. I can't knock it too much since I named my daughter Emorie. GL on finding the one for you!