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Sapphire2012 - account deactivated

Hi all,

I'm writing to let you know that we have deactivated this account for posting fraudulent information on our site. Thanks to everyone that contributed to help with this investigation.

Please do know that the majority of our members are just who they present themselves to be. We also do have some families here with stories that are extraordinary but true and that are truly here to give and gain support and encouragement for their journeys. It is for their benefit that we do ask that any time you do have questions or concerns about the validity of someone's claim that you are free to privately contact a host or member of Admin directly (my contact information is below.) "Calling out" those that you suspect may be falsifying information not only hurts those that *are* legitimate, but also would alert any potential troll on how to *correct* their story, time to edit, and remove information that we need to make conclusions that would allow us to ban the account.

Feel free to discuss on this thread but it is best not to waste too much time giving them further attention. Instead, get back to enjoying the site!

All the best,

~MissyJ (