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Second Opinion

Hey! New here! Smile I'm due with my first on Dec. 6. We found out a few weeks ago that it's a boy! YAY! DH and I have decided on Sullivan, nickname Sully, but we're keeping it a secret. The only problem with keeping it a secret is that I don't get a second, that's why I'm here! Smile What do you think of Sullivan Daniel. We have a VERY long last name, and have given up on trying to work with it Smile It starts with R and is 4 syllables. So, matter what the kid's gonna have a long name Smile

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im not going to lie.. its not my favourite. that being said.. its not terrible.. i think its the nicename Sully.. i actually like Sullivan.. Sully just doesnt do anything for me.

But whats important is that you like it. I got alot of negative comments when i was naming DS Paxton. DH and I didnt tell people the actual name.. we kept them happy by telling them we had a few we were tossing around, Paxton being one of them. my family HATED it.. like detested it, thought i was giving my child a name that would forever torment him... now hes two and they all love it.. my mom actually said to me that she couldnt imagine him with a different name, and she was the biggest critic in the beginning.

as for having a long name... could you find a shorter middle name? like Sullivan James, Sullivan Dean, Sullivan Reid, Sullivan Jace, Sullivan Ryan? i know it doesnt make a big difference but it might help with the flow of the name.

good luck with your choice. and have a great pregnancy.. congrats on the boy!

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It's not my style (I'm not big on the family-as-first name trend) but it is kind of nice. I think you would have a couple nickname choices as well (Van, Evan). My worry would be that because sully is a word with a quite negative meaning that it might not be appropriate for a little boy.

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I'm not too worried about Sully as a nickname. It's not a frequently used term, so I don't think many people would make the association. I went to college with a Sully, and no one ever mentioned it. And Daniel or Michael are the nicknames we have to choose from...they are family names. Our other name is Drake, but we just found out that DH's cousin is engaged to a Drake, so that went out the window.

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I like Sullivan Daniel Smile I don't really care for the nickname Sully but if you like it, go for it! Smile

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I do like this Sully:

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It is very nice. I really like it. Sullivan is a not too common name and sounds good with Daniel.

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blather, I like that sully too! Smile

I just want to meet this kid already and see if the name fits! Smile

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I really like both Sullivan and Sully! Kind of different, but not unusual or anything Smile Congrats!

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I like Sullivan Daniel, but agree with the majority of posters here that I wouldn't use Sully as a nickname. Personally, I'd go with Ivan or Van but if you like it, go for it.