so lost on where to start

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so lost on where to start

My DH and I are having triplets in the next month or two. 2 girls and 1 boy. Where in the world do we start for names??

for the boy I really want Michael as the middle name b/c it is my dad's middle and his father's "American" name (he was Icelandic and had a weird name I just found out). I know my dad will be so proud. So we came up with either:
Zachary Michael or Brandon Michael.
The problem with Zachary is we like Zach; however DH's sister had a boy last year and named him Jack (out of the blue). Zach and Jack as cousins???? Thoughts??

Here is the problem with the girls names: our last name ends in a hard "e" sound so first names like Emily are out (repetition of sound is weird). We know we don't want anything too matchy like all the same letter or rhyming names. We want them to be individuals. We just have no clue how to get started. We've tossed around so many girl names that I think we are confused. Here is what we like so far:

Kate (but do we go with Katherine or just Kate??)
and for a middle name we like Ryan

All the girl names on the top 10 type lists are out due to either nieces or pets being named similar. No Sophie, Olivia (our dogs are Sophie and Oliver), no Madison, Emma, Isabela, b/c of nieces. Claire is our "adopted" nieces real name, but she goes by Cat so we may steal it. I'm just so confused. We got a name book, but it's like a dictionary and the majority of the names listed we would never use. Where do I start? How do we choose?

Thanks for sticking with me. Any advice is appreciated.

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I think Zach and Jack as cousins in fine!

For girls if Ryan is your definite middle name I'd say Kate or Claire. What about Hannah or Lauren? Lauren Ryan sounds good together! (Is Ryan as her middle name after anyone?) What about Grace? (Gracie?) Grace could even be the middle name of the other girl.

Congratulations on triplets!

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Hi Stephanie! Smile

Naming twins was hard enough for us, I can't imagine naming 3 all at once! Smile

I like both of your boy name choices. Wink

For the girls: I would go with Katherine, and call her Kate. I really like Adalyn. But if you have Kate, Zach, and Adalyn, eh, two 1-syllable names and one not, but I don't know. Smile

Another great name site is this:

You put in names you like and it suggests more to your liking, and you can go from there. Its pretty fun!

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So after writing this and thinking on it for a few days here is what I emailed DH:

Zachary Michael *zach

Katherine Taylor *kate

Adalyn Claire *addie

What do you think?

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Great! Love the names! What did dh think?

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I like all three names. I actually know a Zach and Jack that are cousins, absolutely no problems in sounding similar for them.

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i like your choices.. another name that comes to mind with the nickname Addie... would be Adara. my friends daughters is named this and they call her addy. ive always liked it because its different without being weird.

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Thanks for all the help/support. DH likes the names and says that is probably it unless one of us has a "eureka moment" before they are born. I did tell him we'll have to wait and see the girls before deciding who is who and his response was "so I get to decide?" I guess so since you'll see them more first - sure you can decide. Smile

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Cute names! Smile You'll probably get a-z comments, because with our a&w I have had more than a few ppl say, "Why didn't you just do a Z, so you could have a to z?" lol. Smile I like all three names, and nicknames!

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I'm not a fan of common names, so sorry I can't be of any help with yours! The one thing I will say is stay away from nicknames. If you want to name your baby Kate (which I actually think is pretty cute!) then name her that! I named my son Maximus but EVERYONE calls him Max. DH wants Isabella with this baby because he hates Bella (which is my favorite) but I'll never call her Isabella, so why would I name her that? So it's just Bella! Good luck!