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SS card

We just got Simon Emmett P's SS card and I am loving looking at his name all typed out. I have seen his insurance card but it only has the E for the middle name. And while yes I type it here we don't use the last name so I just wanted to say it looks cute all 3 together.

Oh and I am happy to say we picked Emmett after he was a few days old and we knew his personality and typed "energetic" into the sight Smile

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i remember the feeling when i got hunters cards too!

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too cute! Smile

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That's so awesome! I love seeing their name on official documents... it just makes them more real (as if the being up every two hours doesn't do that for us lol!)!!

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That is so sweet Smile
When my daughters SS card showed up, it didn't have enough space for her middle name (Therese) So they just wrote There!