Stuck on middle name...

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Stuck on middle name...

We are set on a boy name (Mason Andrew), but are having trouble with a middle name for a girl. I went with your advice and chose a name that I love more so than a name that fits the pattern. Me being the dork that I am thinks it will fit well, anyway, if it's a girl because our first and last daughter would have names that start with A. The name we've chosen is Aubrey, but we're torn on middle names. I want Aubrey Frances because Frances is after my grandma, but DH does not like it. He likes Rose, but I'm not sure I like that either. What are your thoughts for middle names??

Also, which spelling of Aubrey do you like? The traditional or Aubree? Thanks in advance!!

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Mason Andrew sounds great with your other names!

I prefer Aubrey spelled Aubrey vs. Aubree, I also think it ties more with Lauryn when spelled with the "y".

For middle names:

Aubrey Michelle
Aubrey Mae
Aubrey Elizabeth
Aubrey Corinne

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I prefer it Aubree. Only because then you can use the nickname Bree.

Aubree Elaine
Aubree Claire
Aubree Christine
Aubree Elise
Aubree Jade
Aubree Coraline
Aubree Leanne

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I prefer the traditional spelling but that's just cause I like traditional names to begin with.

I like Aubrey Katherine, Aubrey Elizabeth, Aubrey Paige

PS - Congrats Holly on #4!!!!

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"jackinola" wrote:

PS - Congrats Holly on #4!!!!

Thank You Biggrin

I love all of the suggestions so far! Aubrey Mae did cross my mind once as a way to honor my grandpa who passed away last summer. He was born in May. I'll have to show DH the list and see if we can pick something out!

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I prefer Aubree over Aubrey...

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Aubrey without a dount.

Aubrey Rose
Aubrey Laura
Aubrey Ava
Aubrey Ann
Aubrey Nicole
Aubrey Lane


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Thanks for the help ladies Biggrin We settled on Aubrey Mae if this peanut is a girl. DH preferred the "y" spelling since it flows with DD2's spelling. I let him have it since I chose the first name. Thanks again! So anxious to find out what this LO is!

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Little late to the discussion, but congrats Holly!!! Basically we were pretty sure on a boy name, but I knew it was a girl and just got my confirmation. I have a list but nothing that sticks out great. One name did but doesn't go with our last name.

Anyways, Congrats!! And BTW I like the traditional spelling too.

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Thanks Robin!! And congrats on your little girl!! So happy for you!

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Congratulations on the soon to be added member to the family. I like Aubrey Mae.

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I love all your kid's names! Lauren has always been a favorite but sadly my DH was engaged to a Lauren years ago. LOL. Now that would be odd if we named our child Lauren.

I agree, Aubrey with the y is my favorite and it sounds great with Mae!