Stumped in PA....

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Stumped in PA....

I am 25 weeks pregnant with my second boy. My husband and I have agreed on Liam for his first name, but now we are a little stumped for the middle name. I love Alexander, but my husband wants Hunter. Our last name begins w/ F and is 2 syllables. Your thoughts/alternate suggestions?? Thanks so much!

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I think Liam Alexander sounds very nice, esp since his first and last name have two syllables, a nice 2 syllable middle name flows nicely. But Liam Hunter sounds nice as well, and my dd has 2 syllables in each of her names and it flows well. Good luck!

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I agree, I really like the sound of Liam Alexander.

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I like Liam Alexander and Liam Hunter, even though I like Alexander better. Another option that immediately came to mind was Liam Michael.

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For rhythm's sake, I'd pick a middle name with either one or three syllables. If all three names have two syllables each, it gets a bit sing-songy.

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I love Liam Alexander, its a very strong name

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Liam Alexander.

My neighbors DS is Liam James.. Just throwing it out there Smile

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I htink I like Liam Alexander a little more

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I like Liam Alexander best, too!

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Liam Hunter !!
Well I am a little bias... my son's name is Hunter!

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I love Liam Alexander!