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Suggestions and opinions please


Just looking for some suggestions/opinion on a middle name for our second son due in August.
We like names that aren't common for the first name, but something that people at least know how to spell and are definite 'boy' names for the middle name. Also want it to be short and prefer one syllable though two would be ok. Name meaning is also important to me and I've already vetoed some names due to this.
Our first son's name is Delavan Leo just to give you an idea of our taste (Delavan is an old Irish name meaning good friend - love this name meaning so much)
The name we want for the new baby is Olin (meaning 'of the ancestors' or 'holly' - don't love these meaning but love the name and nickname 'Ollie').
So we're looking at Olin _____ D***ey M**key. The second middle name is my last name which our first son has also (I kept my name when we married).
Some names we've thought of:
-Joe (hubby likes this me not so much)
-Wolf (both like this but might sound like 'lone wolf'?)
-Jabez (from great great grandfather but means 'borne in sorrow' so a no-go for me)
-Lennox (hubbys fav but initials would spell OLD M**key)

I can't seem to find any reasonably common short names that I like that also don't spell words with the initials.

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated. Sorry for the novel!

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Olin Cole
Olin Gage
Olin Finn
Olin Pax
Olin Jett
Olin Kade/Cade
Olin Knox
Olin Rhys
Olin Zane
Olin Sean
Olin Blaise/Blaze

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Thanks for your input Brooke Biggrin
I forgot to put it on the list of ones we've considered, but Olin Jett was my top choice. Hubby didn't like it though, he hadn't heard of it before and thought people would think of jet planes. I am definitely showing him your suggestions tonight, maybe he'll reconsider...?
I like some of the others on your list too, so thanks for giving me some names to think about.

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Olin Maddox
Olin Gage
Olin Paxton
Olin Rex
Olin Ryder

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Name meaning meant a lot to my parents as well.

My brother's middle names are:
Edward (guardian)
Casey (brave)

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I like Olin Joseph

(I think the middle name "Joe" sounds like it should be a girl's middle name, like "Bobbi Jo," etc. I hate those combinations for a girl, and I would not use "Joe" as a boy's middle name because of them.)

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We're still no closer to agreeing on a middle name yet, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who's posted.
Hubby seems to veto every name I suggest (including my favs from those suggested above) and I don't like any that he suggests. Hmmm. His favourite is still Joe, which I don't like. Like Jamie points out it would need to be Joseph anyway so it didn't sound unisex/feminine.
I guess it's just as well we've still got a couple of months to figure it out, but I'm just completely over trying to find a middle name we both like :confused:

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What about a color, like Blue? Lol I only say because that's my middle name, and although it's unusual, it actually sounds pretty cool with Olin lol!