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Thread: Are these names really bad choices?

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    I forget.


    Quote Originally Posted by blissfulliss View Post
    Jackie - haha! Brocleigh.. while we were still waiting for our referral when we were adopting my little sisters, we joked about how if we got a boy we could name him Brock Lee.... hope things are going well for you & baby!
    Things are going very well.
    Send good vibes and baby dust your way Liss! You've been through a lot and I hope to see you graduate soon!

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    I really like both names. I've seen several mommas on here lately name their little guys Jameson and I like it. Xavier has special meaning to you, and I think it's quite unfair for your family to say something negative towards it.

    I don't think people will have a hard time pronouncing Isobel either...and honestly, I don't think it's Twilighty (I'm a huge Twilight geek). Her name was to me, they're different. Good luck hun! I think they're both great choices!
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    I feel like no one (besides the parents) ever really like the names until the baby is born and then it just fits! I think most people have their own names that they like, and without placing the name with a face, other names are Blah until they see that little cutie pie and it all makes sense

    I LOVE that spelling is Isobel! And Jameson is such a great name with soooo many nn possibilities! Jimmy, Jim, Sonny, Jamie...etc.

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    I like it too!!! Isobel is really unique and nice! Jameson too!!!
    We didn't share our name choices either because we didn't want any comments or negative reactions to make us change our mind.

    Don't change your names if you like them. When the baby comes, nobody will care about the name anymore!
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