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We are expecting a surprise blessing in January and DH and I are really struggling with names. We are keeping the gender a surprise this time, so we have some time before we need a name, but I like to have them set early.

Here's the dilema: All three of our children have names that end with an 'n.' I just assumed this little monkey would too, but DH has two favorites that don't end with an 'n.' My list includes: Colin, Kellen, Logan, and Benjamin for boys and Brooklyn, Emerson, and Morgan for girls. His favorites are Mykenzie and Cole.

Do I just ignore that little detail, or what? I feel like this one should also have name that ends with an 'n.' This is for sure our last little monkey. Am I making too big of a deal out of this?

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I worried about this well. Both my kids have names that are 6 letters long and end with "n".

This time around, after much thought, I decided I would rather go with a name I truly love than one I chose to fit a pattern. I figure the child would rather hear " I chose your name because I loved it" rather than " we felt your name had to match with your siblings and end with "n".

That being said.. I like all your names. I'm not a huge fan of the spelling of Mykenzie... But in a way it does pair up nicely with Lauryn with both having the "y"

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I love all the names you listed(which very rarely happens Lol

I agree with what's already been said. If you truly love a name or your DH truly loves a name then I think you should just go with that, but I understand your concern. I like things to all be a certain way and if all my children had names hat ended with "n" then I would most likely try to name the last baby that way as well. If it were me, I would most likely push the issue with DH and see if any of the names you listed are names that he could potentially love. If he can't and really feels compelled to name the baby one of his names, then I would probably try to let go of the "n" names.

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I'm pretty anal with things like that, as well! I'd definitely be looking to keep the trend going! However, I do agree with pp's in that I'd rather tell my child that I chose their name because I fell in love with it and felt it suited them rather than because it matched their siblings name! It's totally an individual decision...

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I agree that you should choose a name that you love and not worry about the pattern.

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I say go with whatever you like.....

If you're going to stick to the theme though, Robyn for a girl and Lincoln for a boy Smile