Thoughts on Veronica

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Thoughts on Veronica

Hi girls! Smile

So DH and I had chosen the name Alexandra for our little girl, but recently found out that my SIL and BIL are naming their little girl that (and they're due 3 months before us). We were really bummed! :confused:

So now we're searching for other options. Our last name is very common so we want to avoid the super popular names. We also want something that is strong, sophisticated, and can be formal for her later in life.

What do you think of Veronica? Impressions, thoughts, like/dislike instantly? I am going back and forth, can't decide if I like it.

Thanks for your help, and if you have any other ideas, throw 'em at me, I'm all ears!

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I think of Veronica from Archie! It's very common here in French Canada, but it's Veronique. It gets shortened to Vero (vaire oh) which I think is quite cute. I also think it could be a good strong professional name when she gets older.

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I think of Veronica Lodge too! Nice strong name though. I like it.

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Yep... I think of Archie and Veronica too (is that a Canadian thing to think that? LOL) Smile Definitely not a big popular name though so no worries for you there I don't think... and I think it falls into the sophisticated/formal type of name you are looking for Smile

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I think it is a pretty name that you don't hear a ton. Smile

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I think it is a pretty name that meets all of your criteria. I also like the nickname Roni for it.

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I love V names. Veronica is beautiful. (another Canadian with the Archie vision, lol)

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I like it!

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I think it's very beautiful and feminine, but I would spell it Veronika instead, just to give it a little more of a uniqueness and an edge!

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Thank you, ladies!!! Smile I am liking it more and more....

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Every one with that name that I knew in real life I LOVE then. And all 3 have been called Vee, LOVE it and it makes me think of a princess and a list of awesome people.

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I like it. I only knew one Veronica, and she got called Vuh.