Too Much??

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Too Much??

I have finally settled on the name persephone. Unfortunately much other half is not so fond. Has any one ever known anyone with this name? Im being told it's only mythical.

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I used to have a cat named Persephone. I think it's pretty.

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Its the name of a Greek Goddess. She is Goddess of Innocence and Receptivity and Queen of the Underworld after marrying Hades when he kidnnaped her. [She eventually fell in love with him] But she missed her mother and made a deal to stay in the underworld for four months of the year [winter] and live the rest of the time with her mother each year. They say every winter when she goes back to the underworld with her husband Hades her mother grieves and brings cold and winter chill to kill off the harvest until her daughter returns (:

Sorry, I look Greek Myths and names ect. Hope you dont mind a little background on the name. I find the name to be very pretty and strong.

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The more I think about it, the more I like it. I hope you can get DH to agree to it.

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I like it, the main drawback, pronunciation. I think so many ppl would call her Purse-Phone. Sad

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I guess I'm the odd ball. I don't like it at all.

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I like the idea of the name but in actual day to day use I don't see it being functional or accepted. Kids, and their parents, can be down right cruel and I could see that name getting lots of rousing from both.

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How do you pronounce it?? Never heard that name before and I don't think I like it,.

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I actually quite like the look of that name! Which is rare for me cus I like quite traditional 'normal' names usually!

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I'm not a fan. It sounds like a pet name to me, not a woman's name.

What about Stephanie? Same general sound, very classic name. Not too common, not weird, either.

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VixB, you pronounce it like Per-seh-fo-nee.

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I'm sorry... I'm not a fan either. I can think of nicknames that kids at school might call her that she might not be too fond of... Purse... Phoney... Phoney Balogna... I'm sorry. I'm all for unique names, but I'm just not feeling this one.