Using A Neighbor's Name?

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Using A Neighbor's Name?

Hi there! I posted this on my birth club, but thought I would ask the question here too. We are having a girl in January, and one of the names we like is a name our neighbor named their daughter last December. Our sub only has about 11 houses in it, and she lives down the street, not next door. I just wasn't sure if this would be a bad idea or not? I like the name a lot, and nobody in our family has that name, making it unique and different in that aspect. I just worry that the other neigbors will think we are 'copying' them and whatnot. What do you think?

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i think it would be fine to use a neighbours name, as long as its not an overly original name that you dont hear often (or ever, other than that neighbour)... in that sense it may seem like your "copying them"..
i would say if you like it, use it. chances are they will find it flattering that you liked the name enough to use it as well.. if it bothers you that they have the name too... is there another form, spelling, variation of the name you could use? (ie: if the neighbours name was Sophia, you could use Sophie, similar but different at the same time)

i myself went thru the names i liked and if they had a bad association, or was a name of a cousin or family member close in age then i didnt use them.. but that was just because i wanted a name that was original "within our family".

hope you get some answers on here that help you make your decision!