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What do you think of


DH does not like it. He says: "Felix the cat".
I think Felix the cat is way pass this generation and even the one before it.

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im with your husband.. i think felix the cat too..
its not my favourite.. but i dont hate it

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The cat does come to mind too... but what comes to mind first is Felix King from the Road to Avonlea series a number of years ago Smile

Otherwise... I don't feel much either way for it. What about as a middle name?

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We need a boy name that is relatively short (3 syllables or less), with the same spelling and relatively same pronunciation in English and French.

If we have a girl, it will be named Juliet.

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I don't love it, but I don't hate it either!

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I thought Felix the cat too Biggrin

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i'm not a big fan either. though, it makes me think of the odd couple from LONG ago!! Lol

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I too think Felix the Cat. I don't think I would like the name regardless of that association though.

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I don't like Felix. Sorry.

What about Philip?

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I don't know if Felix flows well with DS#1's name. He has a very classic/traditional name with Joseph and I think Felix would stand out..

What about:
-Jameson ( a little long)

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I love Felix! A lovely traditional name. If I had boy-girl twins (and an English-speaking husband) I would name them Felix and Fiona.

Other famous Felixes include a character from Veronica Mars (a biker with a heart of gold!) and a mischevious little boy on Road to Avonlea.

If you don't go with it, there are other classic French-English alternatives like:

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Its okay. I do like blather's suggestions though. Wink

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I also associate the name Felix with the cat. But, I also really like it! : )

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I like Felix. It's very nice in French and English and it goes well with Joseph too. Felix the cat is wayyy over!! I agree with you on that!