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What Do You Think????

Well i am not prego yet but we have been coming up with baby names because when i am prego it is pretty much my way or the high-way lol... so here is what we have so far and i think we are pretty set on them Smile

Kaysen Blake or Kaycen Blake for a boy

Kaydence Denice Mae or Kaydence Marie for a girl

the reason there are 2 spellings for the boy is because i cant remember what DH said about how to spell it lol... i wanted to spell it Cason but he liked the "Kay" version better.... and it is pronounced just like Carson but with out the R.... and the reason we like this name is because my name is casey and it is close to my name but not to close....

and the first girls name Kaydence Denice Mae i just love the first name and the 1st middle name is DH's moms middle name and the 2nd middle name is my moms middle name.... and the Kaydence Marie DH just really likes....

And now i will tell you why i am obsessed with the "Kay" names lol..... My oldest sons name is sam.... well i was forced to name him after his dad.... and still to this day 5 years later hate myself for it.... now my lil ones name is Kayden... and i was in the process of a divorce when i had him and decided his dad had no say so at all this time since he wasnt goin to get visits anyways..... Now the oldest would have had a name that started with "Kay" if i had my way about it.... but now i would like to try and keep the names in some kind of format if you know what i mean....

So what do you thinks of our boy and girl names???? be honest it wont hurt my feelers Smile :)

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I think both are cute names, but I have to say, it might get very confusing with both a Kayden and a Kaydence/Kaysen. Smile And maybe Sam will feel left out? I have a brother name Casey, and really like the name too, for either gender. I also have brothers, Kolby and Calvin, and well, even with all those K sounds, it is confusing trying to get their names out sometimes. Smile

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To me the "kay" seems feminine-- JMHO, though.

I would go with Cason if that is the name you like....

And I agree with Rachel about the sounds-- it gets so hard to get names out, even with ours we flub them up regularly.

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Those names are too cutsie -- not distinguished/sophisticated enough for my tastes.

What about just naming a girl Kay? It's a little short, but it's classic and a nice name on its own. Or Kate? Or even Katie.

Or, how about Cassie or Cassandra? -- still is related to your name (Casey, right?), but is a bit more sophisticated sounding to me.

For a boy, what about Caleb? Still has the "Kay" sound, but it's a bit more masculine-sounding and will grow with your son nicely into adulthood.

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I like Kaysen, its different and sounds strong.

I adore the name Kaydence! And I Personally think Kaydence Denise Mae is a mouth full! Marie is simple and rolls off the tongue so much easier.

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Well my legal name is cassandra and my nick name is casey because i dont really like my full name i mean it is pretty but to sophisticated... and my sis just named her lil man caleb... and sam nor kayden live with me i had some problems in the past and things happened between me and their dad and they got adopted because of the stupid stuff their dad tried to pull... but i love the Kay sounds and i always have lol

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Casey, I'm sorry that you don't have your little boys anymore. Sad But I like either Kaydence or Kaysen. Smile I've seen Kaysen spelled many ways, Cason, Caysen, Kaysen, Kason, etc. go with what you like. (the things ppl say about your name always being misspelled, well I have a biblical name, Rachel, and everyone is ALWAYS spelling it wrong! lol).

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I personally don't like the "Kaysen/Kaycen" name at all. If it's supposed to be pronounced "Carson-without-the-R", the spelling doesn't look that way - it looks like it's supposed to rhyme with "Jason." JMHO, but I feel that it's too much of a "snowflake" name - he's the one who has to live his life with this name. I'm not a fan of "matchy" names, either. Also, Kaysen sounds just like the milk protein "casein." Food for thought.

As for Kaydence, I personally just don't like the name, but I have no real reason - it's just a name that I'd never pick for my kid. Probably because it reminds me too much of military cadence, but possibly also because I'm a little OCD and it shows up on my spellcheck as being spelled wrong.

Just my opinion, though.

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Neither one is really my style... but I like Kaysen better than Kaydence...

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I love Carson but with the R.