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    It's a long bad/strange story for another time, but let's just say that DH wasn't around when our son was born, so of course I named him (Maximus). With our DD, he picked her name... I wanted Bella but he hated it, and both he and my mom fell in love with the name Liberty so I was going to choose the middle name... until his grandmother passed away in my 6th month of pregnancy, so the middle name went to gran... Jean. I'm fine with Liberty but I hate the name Jean, so I get COMPLETE CONTROL over this baby's name, whether it's a boy or a girl! If a girl, she will be Bella Monroe, if a boy... no idea!
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    I made a list of names that I liked and DH vetoed them until we found one that he liked. It was a very long and tiring process, every name I threw out he didn`t like but when I asked what names he did like, he had no suggestions!!

    I have already started making a list for baby #2, even though we aren't TTC yet.
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    I guess I'm the opposite of you. My husband has chosen all three of our children's names...and it kind of bothers me. We both decided on Madison when we were pregnant w/our first, and our friends named their daughter, who is 2 months older, Madison. DH suggested Addison, and we just went w/it.

    When we got pregnant the second time, DH chose Lauren right away, but he spelled it traditionally. I finally put my foot down and said if he got to choose the name, I got to choose the spelling and I changed the "e "to a "y".

    Our third child was also named by DH. He only wanted two kids, and I really pushed for a third (I'm now pushing for a 4th ) so I felt it only fair for him to choose the name. Luckily I've liked all three names. If we have another baby, I am like your husband. I want it in writing that I get to choose the name, but we'll see I guess! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy
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    I know from day one I loved the name Leia. I think a programme I was watching a lot beforehand had a character in it with the name and it stuck. DBF liked it too so it wasn't a problem.

    If we had had a boy, it would've been a different story!

    He was dead set on 'Ryan' and as much as I do like the name, I couldn't go with it because it is too common around here. I think had we had a boy, DBF would've gone a long with me regardless.

    My sister would pick the names for girls and her partner picks the boys names. I don't think I could handle that lol.

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    DH and I both like the names we selected, but he still gets his special input. Since we are having two girl names and I'm not sold on who gets which name he will choose once he sees the two girls. He is super excited that he gets to make the final decision on who is who. I'm glad it was a process we agreed upon and that he's happy he gets to determine which girl is which as well.

    I feel for the decisions you all have to make. I can't imagine us having any more kids, so I'm glad our name decisions are made. Best of luck!
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