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    Quote Originally Posted by Minx_Kristi View Post
    All of the above are nice ways of spelling Kayleigh but I will admit I do like the 'Leigh' bit.

    I favored the 'leigh' also-- I dunno, I think i'm thinking WAY too into this, considering we're still 12 weeks before we know anything anyway haha!
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    Have you considered Emmeline? I've always loved it and I think it's a great alternative to both Emma and Emily. You could use either as a nickname.
    I have to say I'm not a fan of Kayleigh. It looks and sounds very trendy and a little made up. It also doesn't sound very grown-up. I think Callie would be my choice as an alternative to this one.
    I have to say I love PP's Ada. It's probably my top name (spelled Adah.) But DH doesn't like it. Oh well.
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    today our cashiers name was Kaeleen and I thought of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Singfourever View Post
    I have to say I love PP's Ada. It's probably my top name (spelled Adah.) But DH doesn't like it. Oh well.
    Thank you. It's funny because I've had people tell me it's so "different". I know it's not super popular, but different? It's an old fashioned name! Out of my kids, Emorie is definatly the "different" name. But I love Ada (of course, HAHA). It means happy or noble (and I'm sure tons of other things). My DH wrote it off also until I told him it's a biblical name (I believe her name was spelled Adah). sorry, didn't mean to hyjack the thread.

    I liked the name Emerson for a boy or girl. I'm a little off in that I like gender neutral names, or even boyish names for girls (I know not everyone likes that though).
    I also like Camden for a boy or girl. I guess I try to find variants of popular names. Instead of Emily I like Emorie, Emerson, Emaline, etc... Instead of Cameron I like Camden... Instead of Ava I like Ada
    I'll have to try to find all the names I had on my list... Actually, come to think of it, I'm sure it's on this board somewhere

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    How about Kaelie?

    I knew a girl once whose name was Keeley (not sure how she spelled it) and I thought it was so pretty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsHooah2U View Post
    Thanks Brooke!

    I guess you can say that I like no traditional too then, because with DS, Parker was my #1 and DH veto'd it asap! haha, He was going to be named Jackson but then Michael Jackson died and I freaked out about naming him Jackson (haha total pregnancy melt down!) Thanks for your boy name suggestions!

    I think my hang up on Kayleigh as far as spelling, I think I'm just worried that it's really long and we have SUCH a short last night, I dunno, I'm kind of OCD about names haha As far as alternations of "Emily" I think my most favorite one would be Emmalyn (again stuck with the Grace middle name). My other most favorite variant is Emorie/Emery, but we're military and the name the meals the eat are called M.R.E-- too much haha!! So anyway!

    I guess I don't love any other spellings of Kayleigh though, the only ones I've seen are K/Caylee, K/Caleigh, Kalee-- that's about all I've seen.. So again, choices choices! We've got nothing but time, but DH is NOT a name guy haha I pick my tops and give him a few choices haha!
    I don't think Kayleigh is too long for a short last name. I think longer first names work better with short last names, and vice versa. Good luck choosing- I think both Emma Grace and Kayleigh Grace are beautiful! We always get stuck on boys names... we spent my whole first pregnancy up until the 20 week mark (when we found out we were having a girl) trying to agree on just ONE boy's name, and we never did!
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    Our last name also starts with a "R" and is one syllable.

    My daughter's name is Jocelyn and my son's name is Elliott. Feel free to steal. I think they both sound great with a one-syllable last name that starts with "R".

    If you like "E" girl names, have you considered Edith? I think it has the old-fashioned elegance of Emma without the popularity.

    If I had to name another girl (tubes tied, not gonna happen!!), I'd go with Natasha. With a one-syllable last name, I also like Meredith and Elizabeth. If I had to name another boy, I think he's go nameless -- choosing one boy name was tough enough!
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    Emma Grace is beautiful!! LOVE IT!
    I dont' think it's the same as Emily... I would go for it!

    As for your other choice I would spell it like this


    Just my opinion
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    Well, I'm a bit late, but if you're still looking for spellings my daughter is named Kailey. I also discovered another spelling I like for the name, which I might have used had I learned of it sooner- Kaylie.

    That name has so many spellings it boggles the mind! I just love the sound of it though.

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    Go with your gut - Emma Grace. It's not too similar. Even if your cousin's name was Emma instead of Emily, I'd say use it! You've always loved that name and this is YOUR child. I say you do whatever you want. You and your family will find ways to differentiate between the two.

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