your opinion of the name George

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your opinion of the name George

I would like to hear your personal opinion of the name George.
Do you like it? Do you not like it? What kind of person does it make you think of?
Do you know any Georges? Do you know any young children named George?

Please feel free to be honest, this is your opinion. It's what I'm looking for.



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My BFF had a baby boy the same week I had my DD. She named him George (we all call him Georgie though, for now) and it suits him to a T. I think it's a great old fashioned/classic choice.

I think of George Clooney, anyway...*drool*

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Love it. Masculine, simple, good on a boy, good on a man, doesn't date.

And yep the Clooney association doesn't hurt ether!

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I"m sorry. I'm not a fan of the name. I knew a kid named George growing up and he was one strange guy. Now it makes me think of George from Seinfeild.

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I have to admit, I don't like the name either. To me, its an old man name.

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I think of George W. Bush.... I don't think it's a terrible name.

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I have a friend with a little brother George - he's a very smart and fun boy!

I also think of George Clooney and Curious George... plus the old cartoon "I will hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George." I would be doing that constantly to a baby George, hah.

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I think George is a great name, it makes me think of Dr George O malley from Grey's Anatomy. He's not on the show any more but he died a hero! I have a cousin who named her little guy George, he's about 10 years old now and he doesn' seem to mind the name too much.

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I went to about 11 schools before I graduated high school so I got to meet alot of people and over the years I have meet several george's. and I have found them all to be over loud and abonoxious. They are extremely rude and the older one were always druggies and wanna be who didnt end up doing much with my life. But on the other hand I knew several who were great guys. I dont htink the name definds the person but how their parents raise them. Its not my favorite name tho. I wouldnt name my son that. Even tho George Clooney is HOT

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I don't like it. To me, it is an old person's name. Some names sound great for kids but don't really sound good for adults. And some names don't sound right for a kid but sound fine for an adult. That's how I think of the name George.

I know two people named George. One is my uncle, and one is the husband of a friend.

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eh, its okay. I tend to picture someone looking like George Costanza though. There are other classic names I like better. Wink

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It's an ok name, but not one I would choose. I tend to think of an older man when I hear the name George. Sorry!

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"SuzyQ16" wrote:

I think George is a great name, it makes me think of Dr George O malley from Grey's Anatomy. He's not on the show any more but he died a hero! I have a cousin who named her little guy George, he's about 10 years old now and he doesn' seem to mind the name too much.

Oh, no!!! I'm seasons behind and now it's ruined! LOL I cry every time I see an episode...

But to the topic, I LOVE it! I think older-fashioned names are classic and I honestly don't care for many of the "trendy, hip" names. Too many Dylans and Hunter and Tylers (not that they're not nice names!!! They are, but I like classics better.) I think Georgie is perfect for a little boy, and I love that he could liken himself to the curious George character Smile Is there a reason why you're thinking of the name? GL!!!

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Not a fan of George. Like some PP said it seems like a name for an adult, not for a young child.

Also, it's my DH's dad's name....and he's been in prison since my DH can remember. So its a bit tainted of a name for us.

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Too old fashioned for me, although I do like many older names. I have an uncle George who is a great guy, but I guess that sorta makes it so I would never think of naming a baby that...

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I think every old man was once a child (am i wrong?) lol

I like George. I wouldn't personally use it on a boy, but I love the name Georgia (considering it for a girl).
For me it's a cute masculine name that he can grow with. I find it similar in taste to Henry, Harry, and Charles. All great names Smile

Good luck!

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I like the name George/Georgie.... it does make me think of an older man, or of that rhyme, Georgie Peorgie pudding and pie, etc. etc...
but still think it's a cute name. Smile My DH has an "old man" name and I think it's cute... Blum 3
Only really negative thing about George for me is.. that was the code name that my friends and I used for AF when we were teens so we could talk about our period in front of other people, lol! I still sometimes call AF "george".....

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It's definitely not one of my favorites. It also makes me think of Georgie Porgie but there are a ton of horrible names out there and George does not make that list Smile

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I love it. It is defintiely a traditional name that has fallen out of fashion but it just has a great sound to me. It was my grandfather's name.

And definitely focus more on the Clooney than the Costanza. Wink

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hi janel!

congrats on baby #3!!! Yahoo

as for the name george, i have to say i don't love it but i don't hate it either! not much help i'm afraid Lol

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Not sure

I really think of an old man when I hear the name George. It just doesn't stand out to me, to plain I think.


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I have mixed feelings on the name, I guess. It was one of my favorite names as a child, because of characters like Curious George, and Georgie the Ghost. I think I have a soft spot for it, too, because of George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life.

I do agree with the fact that it sounds a bit old, though. But, sometimes that's fitting for a little one who seems to be an old soul.

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I too think the name George sounds like an old man. I couldn't picture myself calling a little kid George, much less a baby, it just doesn't fit in my opinion.