$25 Moby Wrap

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$25 Moby Wrap

There's a lady just down the street from me who listed a Moby Wrap on Craig's List for $25. According to her she only used it once and her baby didn't like it, so it's in almost brand new condition. Is there any reason I shouldn't snatch it up??? It's black - that's my only reservation.

Those of you who've used Moby's... are they good for newborns, or one of those wait a few months things?

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Mobys are only good for newborns and past 15 pounds they start sagging because well the fabric stretches. My child hit that by 3 months. *sigh* Do note they are HOT. Just the nature of the fabric and the fact that you'll be done multi layer carriers. They are a forgiving wrap thanks to the stretch, but I wouldn't use it unless it was winter. I have a love hate relationship with the Moby. lol

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Hmmmm, so maybe not such a great thing for an August baby, huh? Maybe I'll pass on that, then... especially since it's black!! ROFL!

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for a true moby, i ditto jackie, especially black. loved my moby but it was a diy guaze in light blue, made all the difference! pass.

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yep, snatch up for a winter newborn, pass for other seasons. I had a moby with DS and i boiled (end of June baby). I used it again with DD in December and worked great! Smile

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I vote pass as well. Black is too hot to wear an August baby in. I love my Moby though for newborn wearing. DD1 was born in the middle of the basketball season when I had DD2 and having the Moby was so freaking handy to keep people from trying to hold her but she was an October baby.