Anyone use the Baby K'Tan?

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Anyone use the Baby K'Tan?

I bought the Baby K'tan after seeing it demo'd a while back. Looks easy enough to me. However, I haven't been able to use it yet because my little peanut doesn't meet the weight requirements just yet. I have one of those slings that the give away for free on that site (it goes around the boards every few weeks) but I haven't used that yet either.

Any advice for the K'tan?

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I had to google it because I hadn't even heard of this one before. From the photos I saw, it looked like there are people who use it with very tiny babies. What is the minimum weight for it? It looks really comfy, so I'll be interested to hear what others have to say about it.

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Hi Jenn! :wavehello:

The K'tan is sized so if you don't have the right size it won't work as well. I know it has pound guidelines but try it anyways. Trust me, you will never want to wear a 35 pound child in it so I wouldn't say that you have to confirm 8lbs first before using it. Wasn't she born at 7 pounds anyways? You wouldn't want to put a premie in it, but I'm sure she'd be fine as long as you get a good carry and position.
I've seen their instruction booklet. Other than precautions that you need to take with every carrier (keeping chin off of chest, limited time facing forward, etc), wear it as long as you and Kara both tolerate it. I say this because it's a stretchy like the Moby, only sewn differently. By 15 pounds people stop feeling as supported by it (tends to sag a lot more). I don't know anyone who has used a stretchy, including the K'tan, past 20 pounds and claimed it was a good comfortable fit. It definitely has a much easier learning curve than the Moby and should provide a good snuggly place to wear your baby! Biggrin

Sounds like you got a Seven Sling too. I got one of those. I used it once. Unless they've completely changed their fabric since a year ago, it may not be supportive enough. It's worth a try especially if you have the right size (they run SUPER small). They're a pouch, so check this thread out. If you have a better experience than me with the sling, we'd love to know about it. Smile

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Hi! I lurk over here as next LO I want to baby wear much more. But I have a K'tan. I knew I wouldnt have the patience for wrapping so this seemed like a good compromise. I liked it. I didnt wear much once I got it as I went back to work shortly after purchasing it. My son was about 5 months when I got it and he is a little guy- around 13lbs at that age. it was super comfy and he liked it. It was easy to put on and wasnt fussy at all. But I am not sure I would wear it much over 18lbs. There is a tie you use for support but not sure how well it would do at heavier weights. I will use mine again for the next LO but will be investing in other carriers as well. Oh and sizing, I found their sizing off. I wear a size 2 and it said I was an XS. I ordered the XS and the S just in case. the XS was way too snug it was like stuffing me and DS into something we shouldnt have been in. The S fit much better.

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Thanks everyone. I went by the sizing chart and I fell between a Small and a Medium so I went with the small since it said to go smaller instead of larger. I haven't tried it out yet but I think I will today.

I tried the Seven Sling last night but her face seems too covered. I know she can breathe and I can see her perfectly but it seems like I am doing something wrong. Maybe I just need more practice.

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I have a K'tan and I liked it for the hug hold and it was faster to put on than the Moby but I have such big babies that I couldn't ever do the cradle hold for little babies and by the time my kids were old enough for the better holds I preferred the Ergo. I love my ergo with infant insert b/c I have giants