Babywearing pics and geekery!

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Babywearing pics and geekery!

Totally don't have pics of everything, but at least I got some! Beccasweet and I got to finally meet up and play with carriers while we were together for a few days. Biggrin

Most of our combined stash. It was missing at least one ring sling and a SV B'roo.

Don't laugh Becky, but I took some pics of wraps comparing their colors and thicknesses.

Technically a ring sling, but it's a wrap conversion. Pfau. Don't ask me which one, Becky will have to chime in on that! It's part linen and definitely very toddler worthy. Warmer than others, so I wouldn't choose it to wear outside in the summer in the south. lol

Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze. Nice cool gauze wrap for the warm months. Safe for back wrapping. Definitely best for babies, but I was able to wrap DS on my back in a ruck (single layer carry) without it feeling horrible on me. Wouldn't last too long in it, but it definitely works. Bet it would do better in a double hammock with a toddler.

My Didy Aqua Waves. Not as thin, but the cotton weave does allow it to remain toddler worthy longer than the Bali Breeze would. I do a ruck sack carry often with my toddler. Now that it's been used and washed it's become rather soft. I love how it feels.

Storch Anna. Not as thin, but very toddler worthy wrap. It's a good workhorse wrap since you don't have to be gentle with it. It handles frequent washing better than other wraps.

Storch Leo Green. Another workhorse wrap. It was hard to give it a good comparison since this is brand new (I had to take the tag off to try it on!) and not soft when new. Heard it's a good one and only wrap if you're just wanting one wrap to be "it." Airy and I bet with work will be a great wrap like Anna is for me right now. I hope Beccasweet gives it a good go and a good beating over the months. Wink

Sleepy boy at the park in my Didy Aqua Waves (ruck sack tied in front).

Briefly happy baby in Bali Breeze (double hammock carry). Great way to shop!

Completely OUT toddler in Storch Anna (double hammock carry).

Only group photo of the visit! Becky has her LO in a SBP linen ring sling and I've got Aiden in my Storch Anna (ruck tied tibetan).

Becky rocking my Bamberoo with Aiden while holding her LO. She said definitely a difference b/w a 15 lb (or less lol) 6 month old and a 25 lb-ish toddler, but still comfortable. Smile

Not pictured but I did try....
SBP linen RS with my toddler - I do love Jan's shoulder! While I wouldn't choose to wear it for a long trip, it would be perfect still for quick up and downs or running into a store for 15 minutes. Definitely have to keep recommending these slings!
SBP mesh (water) ring sling - it was AMAZING for my toddler considering his weight, the material, and the fact that I'm pregnant. The mesh didn't slip in the rings when wet, but Aiden did try his hardest to wiggle around and flip back out of it (he didn't succeed, though I did feel the need to use a hand just in case). I think I need to start stalking for a used one online because it could be very useful next summer. I wouldn't use it for hours with a toddler, but for an average toddler tolerance in a ring sling in the water it would work. But with a baby? I bet it would be great! With a baby I bet you could use it on dry land and stay comfortable.

Did I forget anything? lol.

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I don't know, but I loved reading all of this! You are a wrapping HERO.

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Check you out rocking the wraps!! I remember when . . . You are such a BW pro!!

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Great photos!

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I'm such a newb compared to so many others when it comes to wraps! Wouldn't surprise me if Beccasweet's book knowledge on them is better than mine right now. lol.
It was a lot of fun though and the humidity was so low (for TN in the summer) that I didn't mind wrapping outside one bit. Smile