Best Carrier for Newborn?

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Best Carrier for Newborn?

I want to try my hand at babywearing!! I am short and a little fluffly, so what would be the best carrier in my situation?

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Really it depends on your baby more than anything. Many people swear by the Moby-style wraps for a newborn, but my DD HATED to be carried upright and parent-facing. For us, the best turned out to be a ring sling.

I would definitely recommend that as a starting place, since it's also one of the easiest to learn how to use correctly, and very portable. Wraps can be a little challenging, especially in parking lots Smile

ETA (in light of Jackie's helpful post below) that when my DD was born I was all ready (I thought) with two DIY wraps, two DIY mei tais, and an SSC (soft structured carrier--like Bjorns and Ergos). None of them were working for us AT ALL. I was really about to lose hope until I tried the ring sling...and then I carried her nonstop. It was awesome. But that's just me. The point is, if you can try out different types and see what works best for you and your LO, it'll give you the best chance of BW success!

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A lot of people do enjoy stretchy wraps (like moby and sleepy wrap). They're economical and easy to find in stores. Do note that they are LONG and warm, so many don't enjoy them in the summer months where it may be hot. Also know that due to the nature of the fabric it stops being as supportive at 15 pounds. I don't know anyone willing to use it at 20 pounds. It just stretches way too much to keep a secure, comfortable carry at that point. They are comfortable for newborns and a lot of people do love them those early weeks. If you decide that you're definitely interested in wrapping, consider a woven wrap. A woven doesn't stretch so it can be used from newborn through toddlerhood in both front and back carries (no back carries in a Moby!). Definitely more expensive, though it's not too hard to find one for under $100.

Ring slings are a one shoulder carrier. A lot less fabric to deal with than the Moby. Once you learn how to get good positioning in one and adjust it correctly (took me a couple of days to get a great carry) it's super quick to get on and use. You can use a ring sling from newborn through toddler. I can't wear DS in one as long now as I could a year ago, but it's still a well used carrier for us. While you can't find them in stores typically, they're easy to find online. I personally like Sleeping Baby Productions.

There are also mei tais that can be used with newborns. They're not the ideal newborn carrier, but they can be adapted to work with a newborn. They are excellent for older babies and can be used for toddlers. You can do front and back carries with them. I personally found it easier to use than a long wrap like the Moby, but others find the long straps annoying. I've seen GOOD mei tais as low as $35 all the way up to $200! Most are around $80-$100. There are differences in body size and strap size between brands. Any works for your body type, but longer straps will give you more tying options.

Consider the carrier types and think about what interests you most. None are necessarily better than the other. Getting a carrier you like in the beginning is helpful because you'll WANT to use it and keep working with it. All of the above carriers work really well for all body types. Smile

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Lots of BWers go through different carriers as their baby grows. Its not something someone on a budget likes to hear but there are lots of less expensive carriers out there. Used is the way to go, IMO. Etsy is a great resourse too. I got my ringsling on etsy for $20. The ringsling is the carrier I most highly recommend for newborns, especially if you plan to BF. They are super easy to put on once you learn a good carry and BFing is a breeze. I couldn't use mine once DD hit about 15 lbs but I think that was because the rings on mine are quite small. I also have a few back problems. After the ringsling I moved to a Mei Tai until DD hit 20 lbs and then I moved to an Ergo. I also used a moby from about 2 weeks to 15 lbs. My DD also hated the moby but only for those first few weeks. A woven wrap probably wouldn't work for us as a year round wrap because of how hot it gets here.