Brain hurts deciding :)

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Brain hurts deciding :)

ok i'll apologize now this might be a ramble of thoughts :S

I can't decide what to buy. I thought about waiting until baby is here and trying them out in store but I think the closest is likely an hour drive so that's not going to happen.

I borrowed something similar to the moby wrap before and liked it but my friend is having a baby just a few weeks after me. This will be my last baby so while I can sell it when I'm done I'd rather not spend a ton of money buying multiple carriers.
I go back to work when baby is 1yr and BIL said he'd want to wear a backpack carrier instead of dealing with stroller and a 5yr old, esp if they have to go on the bus at all.

I have bad shoulders so comfort for prolonged use is very important to me.

Other friends have recommended the Ergo baby to me, I also see other ones similar to that (Beco and I'm sure there are more). Some of the softpack can't be used for newborn, some can with additional insert, others come with insert.
I do believe that moby (or similar) would be best for the first month or so but curious to know thoughts on the softpack ones. Have people used for newborns? Can you wear for a long time?

Finally thing to consider is baby will be an April baby so lots of carrying will be done during the hot summer

thanks Smile

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Yeah, I agree that I find that most SSCs (aka, buckle carriers) that work well for newborns just aren't going to work well for bigger babies. I love my Ergo, but I have never used the infant insert. I personally would be annoyed by the extra piece and I think it would be hot in the summer, so I don't have a desire to use it ever. Maybe another mom on here has used it and can offer their real life opinions. When a baby fits in the Ergo as is depends on the baby, usually somewhere around 4-7 months.
If you want a two shoulder carry, a mei tai carrier work well. They're not the most perfect newborn carrier ever, but they can be adjusted to work with a newborn easily. Plus they work great for toddlers too. I find them super comfortable for front carries still, and they can be used with back carries once the baby is older (needs great head and neck control and some trunk control). More info about using MTs with newborns here:

I can wear for hours and hours with a two shoulder carry (mei tais, and SSCs). I love my ring sling (it's a fantastic newborn carrier that can be used through toddlerhood), but the one shoulder carry does limit how long I can comfortably wear Aiden.

And pretty much anything will be cooler than the Moby in the summer. No way no how could you pay me to use that thing outside in the summer. Blum 3

ETA: I have heard that the infant adjustable KinderPack soft structured carrier works for infants (the adjustable one, not the regular infant one), but I've never seen a picture or seen one IRL. I know that I've seen pictures of 1 year olds still fitting in them.

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Hi! Believe me, I understand your confusion. There are a lot of options out there!

A lot of your questions have been covered in the carrier-specific threads on here, but just a quick overview of MY thoughts on the subject (which are different from other people's because no two people or two babies are the same...)

First of all, if you want to wear long term as you say (which is great!) you'll need a minimum of two carriers. SSCs (like Ergos and Becos) are really not very good for newborns, even with the infant insert. They're just not adjustable enough to get a really good, safe, comfortable hold until the baby is old enough and big enough to hold their head up and look around. I had a Beco with an insert and I was so excited to love it...and I hated it with a PASSION in practice, even once DD was big enough for it. Now I wear my 28 pound almost-19month daughter all the time in the Ergo that got passed down to me. They're not the cutest carrier out there, and other people can give you other recommendations from their experience, but I would highly recommend the Ergo as a good choice for a good quality, easy-to-use, extremely comfortable SSC type carrier.

For the newborn stage, what worked for us was the ring sling (I had a Maya Wrap). Mainly this was because my DD turned out to absolutely hate being carried upright/parent-facing, and until she was about 4 months old I couldn't safely carry her outward or side-facing in anything but a ring sling. Even for babies who do like being carried upright, though, the ring sling has its advantages over the Moby. It's much easier to put on and take off, and while all carriers have a learning curve, I feel like the ring sling is pretty easy to get comfortable with quickly. My DD absolutely lived in ours (I didn't even own a stroller) until she was 6 months old, at which point the one-shouldered carry became too painful for me. That's when we switched to the Ergo, although I still occasionally use the ring sling to wear her on my hip around the house if she's feeling clingy while I need to get stuff done. They are also very easy to nurse in, if that's of interest to you. And I had a July baby in the desert southwest, so cool was important to me too! The Moby is A LOT of fabric to be piling on when it's 105 degrees outside.

Anyway, others will have different opinions, but that's my experience. HTH!