BW Wish List?

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BW Wish List?

If you had unlimited (or just slightly bigger) BW budget, which carriers would you purchase?

I'd get another Ergo in black.

And several ring slings.

And a fun/funky rebozo.

And I'm sure I wouldn't stop there Smile

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I'd try a woven wrap and get a better ring sling that has bigger rings.

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Unlimited budget? Oh the fun! Great question. :mrgreen:

I'd want to try ....
a P Sling
a standard size KinderPark

I also want....
a Beanslings wrap conversion mei tai (though not sure about which wrap I'd use, maybe a muted rainbow colorway)
a Didy 5 or 6 in Red Waves, broken in! (woven wrap)
a shorty woven (so a size 2 probably), not sure in what though
SBP RS wrap conversion of a BBSlen Blue Curacao or Blueberry, size small (or maybe I'd want pumpkin or or passion fruit)

I'm sure I'll want to add to this list later. ROFL

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Hmm I would get an ergo, a better quality ring sling in a cooler material, a better mei tai with longer straps and a wrap, probably woven as they seem they would be cooler than a moby style and it's hot, hot, hot here

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Honestly I'm pretty happy with my Maya and Ergo. I guess I'd just buy a new Ergo since mine is a faded hand-me-down on kid #3, and maybe one of those Babyroos...I really like those elephants Jackie has going on... Smile

The wraps sound nice and all, but knowing myself I would definitely be too lazy to jump the learning curve at this point.