Which carrier would you use?

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Which carrier would you use?

I'll be 30 weeks pregnant at the end of March when DD and I (she'll be 23 mos at the time) will do one heck of a long trip (Vientiane, Laos -> Bangkok, Thailand -> Seoul, Korea -> Chicago, Illinois, USA) all by ourselves- it's all in one go too, no overnights. I'm going "home" in prep for the birth of #2 in June.

I think I will plan on having my ring sling at hand for airports, and maybe even on the plane if I can't get her to sleep in her own seat. It would be nice to use something that gave me two hands free, but, I don't think I'll be able to create that in any way around a 30-week belly. Or... actually, I wonder if a mei tai would work... Hmmmm....

What do you think?

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Hm. Given the belly, I think a ring sling would probably work best...although if you could get the strap to go UNDER your belly, a SSC in a back carry would probably be most comfortable for both of you...Good luck!

ETA: Given what you said in the other thread about how your Ergo is giving you stomach trouble, I'd definitely say ring sling is your best bet! The only annoying part about that for me in an airport is that because of the metal ring, you have to take it off to go through security, or else get wanded...but that's no big deal with a toddler. With a 2-month-old, it was a pain and a half.

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A ring sling is great for airports! You'd probably want to do a hip carry. I know Anna is 28 weeks pregnant and can make it work.
I know it's very possible to use wraps and mei tais while pregnant since there are a lot of options for tying it above or below the belly with back carries. I see pictures of others doing this all the time. (Check out this mei tai thread!) I know some people wear SSCs comfortably while pregnant while others find it awful. I think it depends on the carrier and how you're carrying. I have seen some reverse half buckles where the shoulder straps are done like a SSC, but it has a mei tai tie waist.
Honestly, if you already have a ring sling try to make that work for you. I think your main problem will be the stress of the weight on one shoulder depending on how long layovers are and your daughter's needs, but it's so great for a lot of ups and downs and it takes up sooooo little space. Smile Not to mention RSs are great for newborns which you'll have this summer!
Best of luck on that trip!

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I would maybe try an ergo and have her on your back. you could wear the waist clip under your belly. I think that's what I would do. At almost 23 weeks I can still wear my ergo fine.

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I don't have an Ergo so I can't vouch for that one, though I desperately want one and I'd give it a go for sure if I had one. I do have a mai tai though and I can wear DD in it still. You can tie the straps either above or below the belly depending on what feels better for you. A ring sling is also great for shorter durations, but my upper back gets tired if I have her in there too long. I have pictures in some of the other threads on here showing my wearing DD while pg. . .

You might try a few practice runs ahead of time to see what works best for you before you set out on the trip. KUP!

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I tried on the mei tai with her in it the other day. It was ok. But, as with the Ergo (I mentioned this in another thread), having that strap around my hips/lower belly is just really uncomfortable for me. With the Ergo it kept causing me to have upset stomachs and actually having to go to the bathroom. I didn't wear the mei tai that long, but, I could see it being the same case. So it might just be the ring sling in the end.