Coolest (temp-wise) ring sling???

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Coolest (temp-wise) ring sling???

I'm looking for cheap (money is REALLY tight) and cool. I was often hot in my Maya ring sling, and DD would easily get sweaty too. We have a mesh ring sling, but I find the fabric slips a lot. So is there another one that is a natural fabric that is cool? I'm anticipating a summer birth and infancy in hot, humid Michigan! TIA!

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Hm...I don't know how cool you can really expect to get with a big swath of fabric and mom+ baby body heat. I had a Maya too, and a July baby in southern Arizona. Honestly, in order to not die, I spent most of the first three months in a nursing bra and boxers, or nursing tank and skirt to leave the house. I thought the Maya fabric was pretty breathable, though.

I wonder if you could somehow get your mesh one to not slip as, wrap the bottom ring with bike handle tape or something? Just thinking out loud... Smile

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Of all carriers, ringslings are one of the "coolest". I'm not sure how much difference there is between them though. DD was born a little later in the year than Adair but it was still roasting for the first 2 months of her life. I really didn't have a problem and DD lived in my ringsling. Of course, we weren't running around like mad outside most of the time. That's what you do here ... hide from the heat and venture out once its safe (Oct-Apr). I got my ringsling off Etsy and its a very light fabric. Its black though. Which, in hindsight, wasn't the best move.

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Linen! Bit crunchy at first if new, but breaks in nicely. I used my linen RS all last spring and summer in Del Rio.
Jan at SBP has both linen and french twill that are said to be great for hot weather. Yes, the cotton in the maya ring slings are hot! I tried one on last spring and knew it wasn't for me and the desert.

I'd check used on thebabywear and diaperswappers FSOT if you don't mind going through paypal. You might be able to find a really nice wrap conversion (which some of them like BBSlen are cool to wear IMO) for the same price as a new more basic fabric ring sling.

I haven't found anyone else who has ring slings right now on clearance. Honestly most people who are thinking about selling are hanging on to their summer carriers and waiting to put them up closer to spring because they'll sell faster then. (I'm one of them, only not a RS. lol)