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DIY mei tei

For those of you who have made your own mei tei--what did you use for the straps? So the pattern I found called for canvas, denim, twill or other sturdy material. so I went today to buy my fabric and asked where their selection of canvas was and she directed me to it--called duck cloth. I sew a lot, but haven't really done much with canvas or duck cloth--is there a difference? This seems really thick--like maybe the ties won't tie easily with it? Any experience? I at least used a coupon, but might have wasted $12 on this duck cloth when it is too thick for good ties.

thanks Smile

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After some lurking on the DIY subform on TBW, I learned that duck cloth is safe. Apparently it softens up a lot with use over time. People do use it for their internal body layer and for straps with DIY MTs.
Can't really tell you anything else about it since like I've said before I have zero sewing skills. lol

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oh good! I knew I'd find someone all-knowing on here! That is what I got it for--internal body stabilizing piece and straps. The decorator fabric I got is sooooo cute!! Can't wait to finish--and post pictures! Biggrin It is hard to find time to sew for fun right now though--but I hope to finish the carrier before we leave for our summer trip right after the 4th of July. Just under 3 weeks!

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I just used regular fabric and regretted it--not for strength, but it bunches and cuts in to your shoulders Sad I think duck cloth will work great!

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I used cotton for mine. I did use upholstery thread to sew on my straps and made sure it was sewn really well. I padded the shoulder straps with strips of 1 inch thick padding. It works perfectly.