This was a first...

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This was a first...

Beccasweet and her 6 month old little girl are currently visiting my hometown which I am also visiting. We went out shopping today and both kids fell asleep! We were thrilled and kept waking to another store so they'd stay asleep. We get into Fred's and this lady goes up to Beccasweet and tells her that she works for DHS and that babies die "all the time" from their heads being positioned like her little girl's was.
Well, I have to say this is the first time I've ran across that comment in response to a sleeping baby whose chin was far from her chest!

Honestly we could have had her head held by a hood and I bet this lady still would have said something!

You can tell how concerned Beccasweet was since she can easily feel her girl breathing and the LO moves her head however she wants when asleep. At this point Aiden had his head burried into me, but usually he falls asleep just like that too!

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Jackie, I swear you are some kind of crazy uninformed comment magnet. GEEZ.

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well I could see that comment if the baby was a couple weeks old, but isn't Beccasweet's baby at least 4 months and fully able to hold up her own head if she wanted to? Olivia's fallen asleep like that too, sometimes I try to nudge her a bit inwards but not a big deal!

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It's really not an issue at all with a baby with excellent head control (which this baby has since she's a good sitter and trying to stand on her own already at 6 months).

Erin asked on another thread what DHS is, it's Dept of Human Services.

Kinda wonder if this lady thinks the chin on chest is better. HA HA.

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I have an irrational fear of baby necks breaking recently (with DD I was always scared I was going to drop her...with Z I'm scared I'm going to break his neck)... so that picture makes me cringe a little... but also mostly because it makes MY neck hurt in sympathy... which is funny, because I'm sure the kid will have no neck pain at all. Smile