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Thread: FSOT and ISO

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    Default FSOT and ISO

    We now have a For Sale or Trade and an In Search Of!! Post yours here!
    Make sure not to post any personal info, like address, phone number.

    To post on the FSOT/ISO thread, member must have 3 months membership and at least 300 posts. We do this to attempt to protect our members from scams. Anyone who doesn’t meet the membership requirements will be asked to remove their posts.

    Please remove siggys. Thanks!

    1) Post your TheBabyWearer, DiaperSwappers, and/or E-bay names in your FSOT/ISO posts so we can look at your feedback.
    2) Always take care when buying from a stranger and use PP so you can have some insurance against you getting scammed.
    3) Post here what you are InSearchOf or ForSaleOorTrade.
    4) Keep it updated. Every so often you will be asked to check in and keep it updated.
    5) Only post FSOT/ISO posts here, no conversation posts, please.
    6 ) Please disable siggys.
    7) Please post FSOT and ISO in the subject line of your post. And don’t forget to post Sold in the subject line when it’s sold. Keep your FSOT/ISO posts updated – instead of adding new posts, edit the ones you have.
    8 ) You buy and sell at your own risk, Pregnancy.org is not responsible for deals, nor are the board moderators.
    9) When you post a FSOT, people will expect you to respond to pm’s in a timely manner, please ensure that you do your best with communication and sending things out.
    10) Feel free to ask for an action shot of the item or a picture of the item with another item you specify. Example: Please take a picture of the wrap with a sign that says, “Hello, pg.org member!”

    Failure to follow these rules may result in being banned from the FSOT.
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    Let's get this party started...Momma needs a dSLR!

    Excuse the pics, they're just to let you know what I've got. Happy to supply better pics of any of them. Just PM and ask...

    Smoke free home, we do have a dog. BUT! It's a miniture poodle and they don't shed. Funded PP only, no credit cards. No trades. All prices include S&H and DC in the US. If you want insurance it'll be extra.

    First up - Love Wrap, Tie One On. Loved this when it was hot. It was awesome in the Florida heat, and can be used forward facing really well. $10

    Next - Hot slings in various sizes. Blue cotton paisley-sz.4(SOLD), Lt. blue fleece-sz.4, red fleece-sz.7(SOLD), brown fleece-sz.6(SOLD) $10 each

    Wraps(L to R) - Mom and Me Creations, Sage Vines Hemp Jersey size 4.6. $65. Blueberry BBslen, size 3.2 $40. Hopp Panama, Large, $85.

    Mama By Design Mei Tai, Dragonflies. $130

    Rockin' Baby Ringsling, Tribal Devotion. $65

    Kozy, Appapomatox(sp?) with black straps. $55 Tried on, but never used

    EllaRoo Mei Hip, tried on but never used. $55

    Patapum. Kakhi/blue. Tried on, never used. $55
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    Default FS: EllaRoo XL Maija

    Keeping for now...maybe something else later
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuckieHeart View Post
    Two pouch slings, made for me by my moms best friend. She is an experienced sewer, but never made a pouch before, so she was 0 for 2 (neither fit right). These have been washed, but not really used. Tried on a few times, maybe worn for 5 minutes. They are freshly laundered. $15ppd each

    long side:

    Short Side:

    White with black polka dots:

    Short side:

    Long side:

    No smoking, dog friendly house. Funded Paypal only. I have to go to the PO to ship, so I will ship once a week unless requested otherwise. Might be cool with a trade- try me.
    Xposted from CD board.

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    I am selling this EUC peanut shell in the spearmint pattern. This was only used for about a month and is awesome.I still have the original packaging. I am just reaching for my moby more often. I paid 50.00 for this new. I am asking 30ppd!!for it.

    DD Katy 03-30-99, DS Mychal 02-01-02,
    DS Aydan 09-01-07, DS TJ 07-28-09
    And the newest DD Kylie 08-19-10

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    Keeping for now!
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    I have ADOS. Attention Deficit Ooohh Shiny!


    ISO ring slings and CD's. Gently used and reasonly priced. I can also trade with homemade (by me) tutu's in any clor and style requested. TIA!

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    fsot-never used hotsling. size 5
    too small.
    $20.00 ppd OR trade for a ring sling.
    pics in the morning
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