Good deals through Amazon Mom!

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Good deals through Amazon Mom!

If you're a member of Amazon Mom you should have gotten an email this morning with a special code for 20% off select baby items. This includes a few GOOD carriers too! YAY!

There is a black and white Oh! Snap SSC. This is a big baby to toddler carrier from the same makers that make the BabyHawk mei tais. After the 20% discount, it's just $87! BabyHawk Oh Snap! Baby Carrier, Sophia Black: Baby

BabyHawk mei tais are up too! After the 20% they're $72. I often see gently used ones sell for about the price on swaps. While it's possible to find used one for cheaper, this is a great sale price for a popular mei tai! BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Metro Black: Baby

Wanting to try a woven wrap? Dolcino wraps in size M (4.6 meters or size 6 which is the "base size" for most) are $96 after the 20% off. The only way you'll get a better deal on this wrap is to stalk for a good deal on a used one on one of the babywearing swaps.

While stalking carriers on Amazon I noticed there are two Ergos up for a better price than normal.

Ergo original in black is currently $79.95. Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining: Baby

There is also an Ergo organic in Petunia Pickle Bottom pattern of Heavenly Holland for $88! Ergo Org. PPB Heavenly Holland (brn/grn/pink): Baby