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Hello - Need Advice!

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa and I've been lurking on this board for the last couple of weeks. I am due in August and am interested in BWing. I used a pouch with my youngest DD years ago and liked it, but often found myself wishing that I could adjust the length because it was too low, or I wanted to carry her differently, etc. As a result, I didn't use it as much as I had originally wanted.

So this time around, I thought that I would try a ring sling. I really like the ones that I am seeing on sleeping baby productions, but am not sure what kind of fabric I should go with. My first reaction was to go with linen, since it will be hot in August, and it'll keep me and the baby cool. But the silk and tencel look like they might feel better against baby's skin and mine...

What do you think? I live in MN, so we have super hot, humid summers, but freezing winters!

I appreciate any advice you can lend!

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Hi Melissa! I don't have any experience with the other fabrics but I love my linen SBP RS. It softens up great after a little use and if you get it before the baby comes you can just sit on it or sleep on it to break it in. There are a couple pictures of my DD in it on the Newborn BWing thread. I havent used it in the heat yet but Jackie used hers in Texas heat and still recommended linen to me so hopefully she can answer that for you. MN is a big place but if you are near SD and want to try mine PM me, I am in Sioux Falls often or there is a store there that carries SBP RS sometimes.

One suggestion. If you are between sizes and want to be able to breastfeed in it, size up. I didn't and regret it because my tail is too short to cover DD well when she is nursing. It is plenty long for normal wear though.

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Ring sling is a GREAT choice Smile I had a Maya Wrap and loved it, and we're talking summer in Southern Arizona (regularly triple digits). However, Mara says she found the Maya to be too hot, so I'm thinking maybe it's a humidity thing? The fabric is very breathable, but on the thicker side. I have no personal experience with the other fabrics you mention, but from experience with fabric in general I'd think linen sounds like the best option. Silk sounds high maintenance, and I'm not a fan of man made materials for heat...

Definitely agree about the longer tail if you plan to nurse. Being able to toss that over my shoulder as a built in cover was one of the best things about it!

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I have a linen RS that I bought off Etsy. Its great in the heat here and its BLACK. Though, we don't regularly go on long walks when its 1000 degrees out. I don't know much about other fabrics but I also agree that a longer tail is better. If you hate the length and are even the slightest bit sewing-inclined you can always shorten a longer sling but you can't make one longer as easily.

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Yeah, I was in Michigan for the first few months of DD's life and will be again for this LO's first 6-8 weeks. It was summer then and will be summer again this time, and I am definitely going fir a linen sling this time. I loved my Maya, but as a person who gets hit easily anyway, I found it like wearing a blanket.

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I think they pretty much covered it! Linen is not super soft when bought brand new, but it does soften up nicely without too much trouble. It sounds super silly but to help soften it up faster ball it up and sit on it. Sleeping with it helps tons too! I gave mine a few spins in my dryer without any heat with a few dryer balls and that helped too. With ring slings you can also run them in and out of the rings. However, I still used my brand new linen ring with DS the day it arrived in the mail and it honestly didn't bother me one bit. I didn't realize how much softer it could get at that time, but looking back it wasn't too rough at all. Smile

I wore DS in a linen RS out in the middle of summer in Del Rio, TX for well over an hour once. On a flight line (so all concrete pavement and zero shade). DS fell asleep and never showed signs of being too hot. I flipped the tail over him so he had shade. Linen is hot weather king! But obviously it can still be very useful in the winter since Becky above has only worn her in the winter time so far! Smile

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I just ordered my linen ring sling from secondwombslings.com- I'll let you all know how I like it when I get it! Smile

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good luck and enjoy the shop! wish i were any help but i know you're in good hands with these ladies!
oooh pics when you get it mara! (lol that still seems weird!)

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Thanks so much for all of the advice, ladies! I think that after reading all of this, I'll go with the linen. Biggrin Becky - thanks bunches for the offer, but I'm no where near SD - I'm in the Twin Cities. Smile I think that the $40 for the new linen RS isn't too much to shell out to try it. If I end up hating it, which is not likely, but possible, I'm sure I could sell it and at least recoup some of my money.

I'm sure that I will be nursing in it - I'm a big girl anyway, and appear to be between the L and XL size, so I think I'll go for the XL based upon your advice.

Once I get it and baby is here, I'll be sure to let you all know how it's working! Biggrin