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Love free stuff!

So I was wearing ds in my moby while picking up dd from a swimming party and one of the moms was one I don't know much, but run into her all the time at school things. We got talking about babywearing and she said her youngest dd is so big now (3) and doesn't want to be carried, so she asked if I wanted her ergo and her mai tai Smile She's going to put them in her trunk so the next time she sees me, she'll give them to me. Can't wait! I think they are a little bit older ones, because she said she would carry around her oldest--who is my dd's age 6 or 7--a lot while her dh was deployed.

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Wow! What great carriers for her to give to you! Biggrin

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Old or not that's awesome!!

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Yeah, that is totally awesome!

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So nice of her! That is awesome!

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So awesome! My Ergo is an older hand me down. Love it.

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WOW! That's great!

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Sweet!! enjoy! pics?!

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That is so great!