Maya Tie's on clearance!

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Maya Tie's on clearance!

Maya Tie - Clearance

Been told that it's coming to $51 with shipping which is fantastic. Good mei tai type carrier for those who don't like the narrow mei tai shoulders and prefer a wider strap similar to wrapping. It's not quite a wrap conversion mei tai, but pretty close and waaaaaay less than the price of a wrap conversion mei tai (which I've often seen go for over $200!). No padding, but people say that they're comfortable for toddlers who aren't 30+ pounds (some say 35 lbs). When in doubt about size go for large because the shoulder straps are way longer which allow for more flexibility.

ETA: Usually these are $85-$120 depending on color.

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I love my Maya Tie! Beni is only 25lbs still, but I def carry her in it easily!