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Moby question

So I've worn all of my babies to some degree--the first 2 with a Bjorn, though not much because it hurt my back! My 3rd I wore in a sling a lot--like a hotsling, but even that was harder to use.

So this time around, I heard great things about Moby wrap, so I just bought one today on Craigslist. My question is--do they come in different sizes? Could I have gotten the wrong size? I realize I am still pregnant, and my belly is quite big, but i tried to figure out how to get it on right by watching youtube videos and I CANNOT get it around right and tied. They seem to have so much room at the ends to tie the ends in front after getting it tied on for a newborn carry, but I have barely enough to squeak by a tiny square knot! Maybe I don't have it tight enough? But it seems if it is any tighter, I'd have a hard time getting a baby in (I tried with a little doll and even that seemed tough when I tightened it enough that I actually had room to tie in front.

And yes, I still have a big baby belly, but I'm pretty average size--5'3" and 130 lbs prepreggo, so while I'm carrying a 9 month baby bump, I'm not really that big (I've actually had people comment several times this week that I don't look "big enough" to be due next week).

Am I doing something wrong? Wrong size?

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Moby is "one size fits all" so no sizes. I couldn't get it on me properly at all while pregnant. It should fit without any issues when you're not pregnant. You're no where near large enough for the Moby to not work! Smile
Though I'd double check the length. A Moby wrap should be about 6 yards long - 18 feet!

ETA: Yes, you will want to have it fairly tight around you. It's a stretchy wrap, so it will stretch around the baby. You don't want it loose because then it won't properly hold the baby in the correct position.

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I'm about your size and I had no problem. The belly is probably making a huge difference. Though, if you got it on Craigslist, I'd double check the length to make sure it hasn't been altered. You'll soon learn that it needs to start out TIGHT. So tight that it'll be a tad uncomfortable for a minute or two. They loosen up quickly and its better to start out really tight than to have to tighten after a few minutes (which is always awkward).

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Thanks for the info!

I don't think it has been altered in any way--it is really long! But I'm guessing its both the belly and that I am not sure how tight to put it--the front "flap" with the tag seemed loose after I put it on. I'm excited to try it with baby on the OUTSIDE! LOL

But now I've been lurking on all these different carriers and I want to make a Mei Tei! LOL I love sewing Smile