Opinions please (moby vs mai tai)

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Opinions please (moby vs mai tai)

So I loved my moby with DD but it does take a few minutes to put on. With this being baby number 2 I'll also have my DD in tow so I'm a little nervous about this. I still plan on using my moby but I was also looking at the mai tai. Anyone have opinions on these two? Pros? Cons? I also have a ergo (with infant insert) which I'll use as well but I liked it more when DD was a little older. Thanks in advance!

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While a mei tai isn't necessarily the perfect newborn carrier it doesn't take them too long to grow into and be useful. I will say it's A LOT cooler than the Moby and less tying needed. I can quickly get one on once I'm at my destination rather than worry about pre tying it before leaving the house. My personal favorite for babies is Mei Tai Baby because it has the snap adjusters at the bottom to that a newborn can be legs out. It's a smaller bodied mei tai too compared to others. Other mei tais can totally work with small babies, just need to roll up the body more and use a hair tie to make the width less wide. Smile

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I bumped up the "All about Mei Tai" thread for you. The pics with the tan one in the tutorial part are of my Mei Tai Baby and my DD at about 8 weeks. I first had her in the Mei Tai at 5 weeks. She had excellent head control as a newborn and I was careful to still support her if I made any weird or sudden movements but I wore her while packing up our house for a military move at 6 weeks and she felt secure the whole time. Also, I have been told its not as hot for the baby as an ergo infant insert but I don't have an ergo for comparison. HTH!