RQOTD - May 11th

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RQOTD - May 11th

Do any of your friends IRL babywear? Are you surrounded by BWers or are you the "odd one?" Smile

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My best friend BWs (hi Becky!). Pretty sure she was convinced when I visited her last April and we toured the Las Vegas strip with me wearing Aiden. Though I'm also sure she thought I was nuts to bring as many carriers as I did.....but she's coming close to having as many carriers as I do now. Wink
There is a military wife friend who babywore some with her first (just a month older than Aiden). She's apparently doing a lot more BWing with her little 1 month old bub. Wish we lived closer, but I should be able to see her later this month (she's currently living 2 miles from my parents! lol!). I think I should bring all my carriers just so she can try them out. Lol
There are local BWers, but none of them are close friends. Maybe one day they will be!

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Most of my friends with kids BW...it's very common around here, at least in my circles! And of course I always proselytize to any FTMs in my life. My bff due in September already has an Ergo from when you guys posted that babysteals deal, and I'm pretty sure it's the only baby item she's bought yet. Blum 3

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I have no close IRL friends with kids so the answer is a no. An ex workmate who has a child about a month older than Ronin didn't, but I will extoll the virtues as she is du to have her second in October. I don't see many BWers around town either.
An old school friend does some as she asked on facebook about the ergo because she wanted something she could use when he son outgrew the bjorn.

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not really. I have two friends who BW. One lives 3 1/2 hours away (we went to college together) and the other doesn't BW as much as I do, but does BW. I like this board because I get to enjoy BWing! Smile

Oh, and yes it's rare in my area. Sad

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BWing is virtually non-existent here. I saw a woman in the grocery store today that had a baby in a ring sling and I didn't even know what to do with myself I was so excited to see it. I have no friends IRL and therefore have non that BW. I've never known anyone that baby wears. I did only a tiny bit of it with DD, but when I met Jackie and saw how easy she made it look, I started BWing more. I totally get stares when I go out in public and have DS in a ring sling or mai tai.

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I do know quite a few people IRL who baby-wear, and it's fairly popular in my neck of the woods (here in Michigan anyway)...I see people baby-wearing pretty much everywhere I go out and about. It's nice. Well, for that matter, the last two places we've lived (Laos and Angola) are places that the locals all baby-wear too- they are sometimes surprised to see a white person baby-wearing actually!

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still have yet to see anyone else in this city be Sad i think i recall a man wearing a long time ago downtown but jade was so little i wasn't paying attention. although i get the odd nod of approval from some moms who have older kids and did bw when they were younger (teens now kinda thing) and one cashier who always smiles, she's of african decent and is so saddened by the lack of it here that she loves it when jade and i come in!