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Thread: Should I buy?

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    Default Should I buy?

    A local girl posted this as her FB status:

    girasol wrap is still available. I'm FIRM on the price - $50 local or $60 if I have to ship it. It's in AMAZING condition - and it's super pretty. It's the longest wrap available ... 5.2m, I think. Blue rainbow weft.

    Is it worth $50
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    did a quick google search - looks like they run from $80 to $140 or so:

    I know NOTHING about the wrap itself though!

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    I forget.


    YES, Totally a fantastic price! They're supposed to be heavenly for babies. Do note they're "warm" compared to some other woven wraps, but not nearly as warm as Moby, etc. Beccasweet has a gira. She didn't bring it with her when we met up or I'd tell you all about hers. lol. She says it's super duper soft when broken in.

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