Summer BWing - pics please!

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Summer BWing - pics please!

Okay ladies, bust out those cameras and take a pic the next time you're enjoying some outside BWing in the summer!

I know summer presents more BWing challenges, so post your pics and share what the weather was like that day. How long did you wear? Did BWing work out well or was it uncomfortable?

(Wendy and others on the other side of the world, feel free to share pics from your hot weather from a few months ago.)

Anyone have any tips for me to add to my list?

Tips for BWing in Hot Weather:
1) Choose a carrier that will be cool and breathe well on baby.
2) Pay attention to carrier fabrics. Skip the jersey (like the Moby), wool wraps, etc and opt for linen, gauze, cotton, and the like.
3) When using a woven wrap, try single layer carries (like a ruck and kangaroo) over multiple layer carriers (front wrap cross carry, double hammock, etc).
4) Dress baby appropriately remembering they will be covered by the carrier, so less clothes! It's okay to wear baby in just a diaper.
5) Keep yourself cool by dressing yourself appropriately. Some moms find they're more comfortable in a cotton t-shirt rather than a tank so that there's a barrier between them and the baby.
6) Follow your baby's cues. They will let you know when they're not feeling okay due to being warm.
7) Remember that wearing another hot body WILL be warm for you no matter what carrier you use and what clothing you wear.

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Hey, its blurry and I'm making a funny face but I AM BWing in the pic. Does that count. Ooh, and bonus in my siggy! Can you tell that no one takes pics of me BWing?

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You mean you don't want to see jybeach pictures from me in picture perfect winter days just to rub it in that we get awesome beach weather in winter Smile . It's actually a bit cool at night at the moment, but when my computer returns from the dead I will get some summer babywearing pics up,

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Wore my 25ish lb toddler in a ruck tied in front at a park. It was lower 90s outside in the south. I didn't wear him too long (he woke up and wanted to play in the park), but the single layer carrier was cool on him and I've never had a problem with feeling too hot considering there's a warm body against me. Wink

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Oh yeah, I forgot! I actually took this just for ya'll. I asked DH to get one of me but he never did Sad I wore her every day on that trip, though!