Which wraps?

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Which wraps?

I'm linking below to a website we are registering at (they give a discount on all the items after the baby is born). They have a few baby carriers and wraps, but none of the popular names I know. Can anyone take a look and make any recommendations to register for?

Carriers & Slings | Safety Superstore

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Ergo and Beco are great, but they are soft structure carriers and best for after baby is a little bigger. The monkey wear wrap looks decent but I have no knowledge of them. Keep in mind it'll wear loose once baby reaches around 15 lbs. Hot slings sounds familiar but I'm not sure of any good or bad of them, though the pic does look like it's not going to be as good as a ring sling.

Perhaps someone else can offer better help.

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What she said except I wouldn't recommend a hot sling personally. From what I understand they are hard to get fitted properly and uncomfortable. Neither of those stretch wraps seem to be like the Moby or Boba stretchy wraps which I'm guessing are the ones you have heard of? Hope that helps!